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Four tips for winning back first-time shoppers

If your goal is to increase profits by boosting sales, look to your existing customers rather than finding new ones. Read on to find out what you need to do to get people to return to your store.

How to open a bike store in Montreal

When we decided to open a bike shop in Montreal, we had no idea where to start. Whether it was sourcing parts or finding a location to work out of, neither me or my partner knew the best process. However, since opening Rebicycle two years ago, we’ve learned a few things...

How to optimize your employee scheduling process

Retailers and restaurateurs are confronted with employee scheduling challenges on a daily basis. Creating schedules, however, doesn’t have to be as chaotic a task as it often is. Find out how our integration partner, Agendrix, can help you optimize your scheduling process.

Inventory Management Best Practices

Good inventory management keeps stock moving efficiently without tying up resources. It increase sales, maximizes profits and improves customer satisfaction. Check out 7 best practice tips that will help you master inventory management.

Celebrating America and its retailers

For most Americans, the start of July signifies a time to fire up the barbecue, attend beach parties and take in a firework show. For independent retailers; however, this month is as much a celebration of their nation as it is a celebration of their perseverance and success. Learn more.

The importance of mapping the buyer’s journey

Ever wonder why those who visit your online store leave without making a purchase? The answer to this age-old question can be found by examining the buyer's journey and aligning your content with consumer needs at every stage of their path to purchase. Learn more.