Online booking anytime, anywhere

Enable 24/7 real-time online reservations directly from your website. Players can schedule tee times from a computer, smartphone or tablet whenever it's convenient for them.

Integrate our tee time scheduling software with any website.

Make your golfers' tee time booking experience pain-free and finished in a matter of clicks.

  • Easily install the booking widget on any website in minutes
  • Customize your booking widget with colors that match your brand
  • Require pre-payment to reduce no shows and ensure you don't lose revenue

Compatible with any device.

Whether your golfers use a computer or smartphone, their tee time scheduling experience will be quick and easy.

  • Responsive design adjusts to give players a great tee time booking experience on any device
  • Adapts to fit mobile screens, even if your website doesn't
  • All customer data is captured and stored in your customer database

Reduce no-shows with online payment.

Ensure you're not losing revenue and let golfers pre-pay online when they book their tee time.

  • Give players the option or force them to pay for their tee time online
  • Manage online payments and refunds with a live dashboard
  • Save credit cards to customer profiles to make the payment process simpler

Why is offering your tee times online important?

Offering your tee times online can give you an edge over the competition while simplifying day-to-day operations. If there's one thing we now know, online tee time bookings have revolutionized the golf industry. With the advent of the internet, tee time reservation has migrated to the online sphere. This isn’t the end for phone reservations, but more golf courses than ever offer tee times through their website or on marketplaces.

Having your tee times online will help you:
-Spend less time on the phone and more time improving your customer experience
-Attract the next generation of tech-savvy golfers
-Reach a larger pool of golfers who aren't familiar with your operation

How easy is it to put in place an online tee time booking system?

Adopting new technologies is often daunting for unfamiliar users, but offering your tee times online is not as difficult as it may seem. During your onboarding process, we'll take care of seamlessly integrating our tee time booking widget to your pre-existing website. That's it, you won't even have to lift a finger!

How easy is it to book an online tee time?

Lightspeed Golf's online tee time booking system was built with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. Every single golfer at your facility, from the most tech-savvy millennial to older golfers who have been making phone reservations for years, will be able to effortlessly make a tee time reservation.