Serve guests wherever they are with Lightspeed Order Anywhere

Provide a safe, streamlined service whether people are dining in or ordering to go—no contact, no third-party commission fees.

phone with order anywhere interface lying on the table, next to dessert and coffee

Turn tables faster with scan and pay.

Let guests pay via QR code with Order Anywhere. No wait time for the bill. No apps to download. No friction.

  • Speed up service with easy contactless payments straight from the table
  • Reduce wait times by letting customers scan a QR code, split bills and pay—all on their phones
  • Get realtime transaction data and order updates sent straight to your POS with a fully integrated platform
  • Boost your revenue through increased table turnover
Phone with scan and pay interface lying on the table, next to the plate

Let customers order straight from their phones.

Meet guests online while dining in with digital menus—no terminals needed.

  • Generate unique QR Codes linked to specific menus or tables
  • Easy ordering with no need for customers to download an app
  • Let customers take control over their dine-in experience and increase check size with product modifiers and upsells
  • Receive valuable feedback and reviews from your customers to help you improve the ordering experience
person scanning QR code on the table

Simplify the way customers order for takeout.

Upgrade each guest's experience without adding extra steps.

  • Adapt to customers’ changing habits and meet them online
  • Save money and avoid third-party fees by managing your own takeout
  • Provide a contactless order and pay option for takeout
  • Let your customers decide how and when they want to pick up their order by scheduling pick up times and choosing options like curbside pickup
iMac and iPhone with Order Anywhere interfaces

Give customers a fully-branded experience when they order.

Create an online ordering experience that fits your branding and gives customers more control over their order.

  • Display your menus online in a professional digital layout
  • Create profitable combo menus and highlight your bestsellers
  • Give your customers the ability to fully customize their order
person using order anywhere on the phone

Get orders right every time with Lightspeed Restaurant.

Order Anywhere is fully integrated with your restaurant POS. Save time and improve order accuracy without changing the way you work.

  • Send all your online orders directly to your POS
  • Manage online menus quickly and easily across all locations
  • No need to train your staff with a system that matches your existing workflow
  • Give guests the option to order hours or even days in advance

Considering the switch to Lightspeed?

Switching to Lightspeed is easy. From data migration to hardware and payments setup, our industry experts will support you each step of the way.

  • Get fast 24/7 support
  • One-on-one onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Manager to answer every question
Image of a Lightspeed customer support team member ready to assist you

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