The golf industry's most powerful POS

Take advantage of robust golf point of sale software with functionality for your every need at your fingertips.

Process sales with a powerful point of sale.

Make life easy and operate your course with the most powerful golf course POS system on the market.

  • Simplify your inventory management and get notified when you're low on stock
  • Process transactions directly from the tee sheet to speed up your workflow
  • Complete purchase orders in seconds and track your shipment on a simple dashboard
  • Use built-in reporting features to see your operation at a glance or at a granular level

Taking payments has never been easier.

Generating revenue is a core part of your business. Make sure taking payments via your golf POS software is easy.

  • A seamless connection between your tee sheet and POS makes for a better experience for golfers and staff
  • Connection to receipt printers, scanners and peripherals is instant
  • See everything you need to know about a customer when they walk in with customer profiles
  • Offer payment flexibility and let your golfers pay with their preferred method

Take the guesswork out of your operation and analyze performance.

With over 100 reports, learn everything you need to know about your sales from your golf POS software so you can adjust accordingly.

  • Get real insights on your products sold, total profit, profit by product and much more
  • See performance for the day or for the past year, the choice is yours
  • Customize your reports so you only see the information you want to
  • Share information instantly and get the data to the people who need it to make decisions

Seamlessly connect your eCommerce store with your POS.

Benefit from data transfer between your eCommerce store and POS to make managing your operation easier.

  • Online purchases are automatically subtracted from your inventory count
  • Generate packing slips in seconds to make shipping simple
  • Reach a larger audience and sell to the masses online
  • Showcase your products on an easy to navigate user interface
iPad and iPhone with golf interfaces

Stay on top of your inventory.

Track your inventory and get notified when you're low on stock with inventory management.

  • Inventory levels are adjusted the moment a sale is made so your data is always accurate
  • A simple dashboard lets your track when your orders were shipped and received
  • Multi-location functionality allows you to check on inventory levels at your other facilities
  • Bulk edit prices and change the price for hundreds of items in just a few clicks

Managing your restaurant has never been easier.

However you run your restaurant, our golf POS software can be tailored to your exact specifications.

  • Boost table turnover by taking orders and payments anywhere
  • Split or group bills to your customers specification to make payment hassle free
  • Consolidate all major food delivery services directly into your POS
  • Full support for full service or quick service restaurant types

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Frequently asked questions

What is a golf POS?

A golf POS stands for golf point of sale. It’s a system used in both golf pro shops and restaurants to manage inventory, take payments, process sales, complete purchase orders and more. It’s important for a golf pos to sync with the course’s tee sheet to keep things efficient.

Why should I use a pos system for my golf course?

Golf course POS software systems are essential tools for modern golf courses. Outside of processing sales in the pro shop and managing inventory, golf point of sale systems help courses sell on different channels, simplify accounting and reporting.

At a time when efficiency, automation and a strong digital presence are key to running a successful business, having versatile golf POS software is key to simplifying operations, adding new revenue streams and delighting golfers.

They make payments and transactions seamless:

Golf courses are complex facilities where transactions need to be processed in pro shops, restaurants, snack bars, back offices, and online. Using fragmented, outdated POS technology can lead to confusion, mistakes, operational inefficiencies and more.

Cloud-based golf POS software like Lightspeed helps:

- Unify these different touch points
- Streamline data flows
- Speed up transactions and payments
- Courses accept more payment methods
- Connect your golf POS to your tee sheet

Improve reporting:

Access to reliable, accurate, detailed data points is essential to understand the health of your golf course business. Modern POS systems for golf courses can:

- Report sales, profits and product performance with accuracy
- Track and display performance over custom time periods
- Create custom reports you need to see
- Share information with those who need it

Improve inventory management:

Understanding what you have, how certain products are selling across different channels, what products to reorder and when to when to reorder them is both a difficult and essential part of any business.

With a powerful golf course POS, inventory management becomes a breeze:

- Automatically subtract online and in-person sales from inventory counts
- Set automatic reorder points
- Bulk edit price points to save time
- Get notified when you are low on stock
- Create purchase orders in seconds
- Manage inventory for multiple locations at once

How does a golf course point of sale system work?

A golf POS system is the backbone of the business side of a golf course. It helps employees process sales, take payments, track inventory and much more. Increasingly, as golf course point of sale software has improved, these systems help golf courses perform and automate a number of other tasks, including:

- Process sales online
- Generate reports and dashboards
- Create customer profiles
- Accepting different payment methods
- Integrate with other business software
- Complete purchase orders and packing slips
- And more

How does a POS system work? It combines information rich software that’s different for every course (customer data, sales data, product SKUs, reports, dashboards, etc). This software computes and performs a number of tasks)

The hardware element of a golf POS system contains the computer or iPad, the payment terminal, the receipt printer, scanners, etc. This hardware is what allows employees to operate the software and complete tasks (taking payments, accessing reports, filling out product data, etc)

In short, golf POS systems are essential in just about everything when it comes to sales and transactions.

Regardless of whether it’s a customer-facing task such as completing a purchase in the pro shop or booking a tee time online, or a back office task such as integrating with accounting software, inventory management or customer management, a golf POS plays a central role.