POS software for full control over your business

Running a store or restaurant involves much more than scanning items and processing sales. When we designed our point of sale software, we looked at the bigger picture. We want to give business owners the tools to make managing every aspect of their store or restaurant easier. Inventory management, selling and business analytics: our POS software helps you do it all.

Cloud-based retail management software

Get full control over your stock

Get full control over your stock

Keeping your stock up-to-date has never been easier. Add new stock and make changes to your inventory in seconds. You can either add any new items individually or upload large volumes. When it comes to selling your wares, simply scan your items into your POS and the software will automatically update with any changes.

Purchasing stock is also a breeze. With purchase orders, you can order stock from one or multiple vendors in one go, keep track of the status of your orders and check in your received items. All of this is done from the same system.

Run your store from anywhere

Get the freedom to walk around your store with your mobile POS system in hand. Take customer service to new heights by spending time with customers as they browse your shop. Use your POS software to show them any items they’re looking for that aren’t on your shop floor. You can also scan items and take payments without having to go behind the counter.

Then, take your POS software with you anywhere you want to go, whether you’re attending a trade show, selling your wares in a shopping mall or pop-up shop. With a POS that can be used on any device (Mac, PC or smartphone) with an internet connection, you can keep track of your sales, stock count, employees and accounts even when you’re off-site. Expand your customer reach and make sales beyond the physical constraints of your store. Take advantage of the mobility offered by our POS software and go see your customers rather than having them come to you.

The data you need at your fingertips, always

Know your best sellers, employee performance and stock count at any time in a few clicks. With our real-time analytics reports, you can get both a general and a detailed overview of how any area of your business is performing at any time. You can also easily access historical reports which will show you the evolution of your business over time and give you the essential insights you need to truly understand and, most importantly, grow your business.

Our retail point of sale also captures your customer sales history so you can see customer information, preferences and previous purchases. This is the information you need to provide outstanding customer service to your loyal customers.

Connect to the technology you need for growth

Our POS will scale with your business and help it to grow. It gives you the possibility to connect to dozens of our approved partner integrations without the need for advanced technical expertise. Integrations let you continuously customize your software as you can add and remove them as you see fit, no commitment. This will help you continuously meet your business’s needs as they evolve over time.

Launch a loyalty program, automate your employee schedule, all of this in just a few clicks. With our own integration Lightspeed Accounting, let your POS automatically update your financial information in your accounting software for you so you don’t have to. You can even expand your customer base to the world and start selling your inventory online with our innovative omnichannel solution.

Ready to let the world's most powerful point of sale software work for your retail business?

Mobile point of sale software for exceptional restaurant service

Take your business anywhere with mobile technology

Take your business anywhere with mobile technology

Our POS software can run on any connected device – Mac, iPad, PC. With a mobile POS, your wait staff can take orders from anywhere in your establishment, while customers are waiting at the bar, seated on the terrasse or at their table. As the POS is cloud-based, any staff member can see which table ordered what from their connected device.

You can also take your establishment with you anywhere you wish. Open a pop-up restaurant, cafe or bar to introduce your produce to a new clientele outside of your local area. This mobility also allows you to keep an eye on your business at all times, whether your sales or your stock count, from any browser, anywhere in the world.

Optimize your workflows and staff communication

Optimize your workflows and staff communication

A clear workflow and strong communication can take your business from mediocre to outstanding. Give your wait staff the tools to communicate effectively and quickly with back-of-house. Have orders sent automatically from the tableside to the kitchen. Allow them to send special instructions via the software, such as dietary requirements, cooking levels and course type (for example, when a customer wants to order a starter as a main course). This means your wait staff can spend more time with customers, listening to their needs and upselling.

What’s more, with an intuitive floor view, your staff know exactly which tables need attention. Get a clear overview of your reservations – and update them – from any iPad in your establishment so all of your staff have full visibility of availability at anytime and no customers get turned away when your restaurant only appears to be full.

Know your performance and make the right business decisions

Know your performance and make the right business decisions

Gain insight into the various areas of your hospitality business with real-time reports. View essential business data such as sales versus cost, product and employee performance and sales numbers by the day, week or month. This is the information you need to truly understand your business – what’s working and what’s not – and make decisions to increase your bottom line. And as you can access your POS software from anywhere, get a detailed view of your establishment no matter where you are.

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