The most powerful tee sheet in the golf industry.

Chronogolf's industry-leading golf tee sheet is now powered by Lightspeed Golf. With functionality for your every need, there's no better tee sheet software to help you manage your golf course.

MacBook with golf interface

Customize tee sheets to fit the needs of your golf course.

Adjust your tee times and customize settings so that your tee sheet software works for you.

  • Manage any course set up with support for 9 to 54 holes
  • Adjust tee time intervals between tee times in just two clicks
  • Support for any play type including shotguns, crossovers and front/back nines are a click away
  • Cloud-based means you can access your tee sheet software anywhere, anytime
Lightspeed Golf's tee sheet software is powerful, easy to use and customizable to the needs of your golf course.

Tournament, league and event management is simpler than ever.

A robust tournaments and events module lets you host successful events straight from your tee sheet software.

  • Online booking lets players register for tournaments, hassle-free
  • Give golfers the opportunity to pick their tee times or allocate it later
  • Set up recurring weekly or monthly leagues and allocate tee times to certain player types
  • Track attendees and review metrics on a clean, user-friendly dashboard
Lightspeed Golf's tee sheet software easily setting up an online booking.

Creating ballot or lottery draws is a breeze.

Let golfers cast their preferred tee times and assign time slots in just one click.

  • Set restrictions and only allow certain player types to participate in the draw
  • Allow golfers to invite other members to their tee time reservation with ease
  • Sit back and place lottery winners on the tee sheet automatically
  • Confirm lottery winner time slots and make any adjustments necessary before communicating them
MacBook with Golf interface

A complete member management solution.

Keep track of your members and ensure their happiness with a sophisticated member management module.

  • Create unlimited member types and customize booking restrictions for each type
  • Improve your member experience with an online dashboard to view all transaction history and pay bills
  • Automate your billing process and take payment every month
  • Provide flexible membership options and allow members to pay the way they want
Lightspeed Golf's tee sheet software makes it easy to keep track of and manage your member list.

Provide members with an unforgettable experience.

With an online member dashboard in your tee sheet management software, your members will have total control.

  • Give members the autonomy to view the tee sheet and book tee times alongside players of their choosing
  • A member directory lets players easily add other members to their booking
  • Create multiplayer accounts for families or businesses with Family Accounts
  • Let golfers view their account statements and pay them in just a few clicks
A golfer using the online member dashboard included with Lightspeed Golf's tee sheet software.

See what Lightspeed can do for you and your business

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What is a tee sheet?

A tee sheet is a tool that golf courses use to visualize, organize and manage all available reservations (or tee times) on a given day. Tee sheets display tee times at set intervals and all the golfers that have booked into the respective times over the course of a day.

Tee sheet management software, such as Lightspeed’s cloud-based tee sheet, takes the simple idea of the sheet and brings it online to help golf courses operate more efficiently and effectively. Take, for example, online booking. When golf courses have tee sheet software that connects to their online booking module, golfers can see all available tee times online and book into open spots. Their reservations will then automatically be added to the course’s tee sheet without the golfer having to call into the pro shop to book their time.

This is just one example of how cloud-based tee sheet software can simplify operations for golf course operators.

How will our tee sheet help with your tee time management?

We know how hectic it can get at a golf course. At the peak of the season, it seems like the only thing you have time to do is manage tee time reservations–the last thing you need is a clunky system slowing you down.

Our tee sheet will allow you to:
- Reduce bottlenecks in your pro shop
- Spend more time establishing customer relations
- Easily store and access your golfers' data
- Quickly adapt your tee times when unexpected events occur

How will you benefit from a cloud-based tee sheet?

When it comes to software, cloud-based refers to web-based applications that store information online so you can access them on any device with an internet connection.

With a cloud-based tee time management system, you'll be able to:
- Access your tee times anytime, anywhere
- Avoid costs associated with creating and maintaining the technical infrastructure
- Scale your solution as your golf course grows
- Automatic maintenance and updates

Will your staff be able to easily adapt to the new tee time solution?

At Lightspeed Golf, we pride ourselves in making your employees' life easier every step of the way. Over the years, we've developed an intuitive solution that creates a frictionless user experience.

How do we create a smooth tee time management experience:
- User-friendly tee sheet with intuitive controls
- Personalized training process with human interactions
- Dedicated support team always ready to answer any question you may have
- Product improvements based on customer feedback