The hotel restaurant POS for flexible customer service

Running your hospitality business has never been easier with a point of sale that integrates with your PMS.

Hotel QO

Powered by our restaurant POS since 2017.

Hotel QO

Powered by our restaurant POS since 2017.

The hotel restaurant POS for flexible customer service

Integrate with your favorite PMS platform

There's no need to restrict your guests — offer them the ultimate in convenience with the ultimate hotel management system. Guests staying at your hotel have the flexibility to place their food order anywhere they would like within the hotel while you charge their hotel room directly.

Offer a smoother ordering experience.

Guests sitting down for dinner at a hotel restaurant are more likely to pass on their impressions to friends considering a visit to the city. With Lightspeed, create the best first impression by offering the smoothest experience.

  • Let customers pay their total bill and room cost when they checkout
  • Ensure accurate billing by keeping all expenses on one bill
  • Include room service, restaurant bills and bar tabs to any room
  • Set specific menus per device, floor or area in the hotel.
Offer a smoother ordering experience.
Increase your efficiency.

Increase your efficiency.

Time is money. Save it with a point of sale that reduces human error, improves guest satisfaction and loyalty, provides faster service, and offers more accurate billing.

  • Manage restaurant orders and room service with one system
  • Preset modifiers to speed up order-taking
  • Send orders to the kitchen or bar and fire courses as needed
  • Split or group bills and transfer items
  • Have guests sign and assign tip directly on your iPad
Mobile ordering

Accommodate your guests.

Mobile ordering

With an iPad point of sale, you can enter food and beverage orders anywhere around the hotel, and charge guests directly to their hotel room as needed.

We were really looking for a partner that could work hand in hand with our concept of creating a full guest experience.
Zoku Hotel Zoku Hotel
Data security

Keep personal information safe.

Data security

Your guests have a lot of personal information in your system. Keep it safe by controlling individual user permissions to decide which staff members get (and don’t get) access.

The best thing about Lightspeed is that we don't work for the system—the system works for us and our guests.
Beppie Rubner
Multilingual interface

Operate in any language.

Multilingual interface

Your staff speaks in different languages, so Lightspeed POS offers language options that give everyone confidence to use the system.

Training staff was very easy and programming it was easy — I could do it with my eyes closed.
Nobu Nobu

Lightspeed works for you.

Our POS solution for hotels will help you manage every aspect of your hospitality business. A system that's both easy to learn and easy to use, it's the perfect tool to help you offer superior customer service to your guests.

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