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Finally, a big-box style point of sale for the independent retailer.

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Manage your store from one point of sale

You need a system that can keep track of your inventory, manage multiple vendors, and analyze sales data.

Optimize your inventory

Inventory management

Optimize your inventory

While you make it easy for customers to find items, your POS does the same for you. By using tags and categories, you can get specific search results tailored to your customers’ requests and make the perfect suggestion in seconds.

It was tough to find another system that would get us the information that we needed, when we needed, in a reasonable time.
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Simplify order building

Reorder points

Simplify order building

Set custom reorder points on your top-selling items, to speed up the process of filling out purchase orders. Streamline the process even more by adding items from multiple vendors into a single purchase order. Lightspeed Retail has your back.

Reach a wider audience and sell more

Sell online and off

Reach a wider audience and sell more

Can you imagine your life without the Internet? Neither can shoppers. Build your web presence, manage your online and in-store inventory, integrate with Facebook and view sales and customer data across all channels from a single platform.

Our in-store and online offering is seamless, and that's beautiful for us as a business.
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Offer better customer service

Customer experience

Offer better customer service

Shouldn’t you know the people who buy from you? Build relationships with customers by creating profiles and let the system keep track of their shopping habits both online and off.

The ability to track quotes that we’ve given customers saves us tons of time and ensures that we are able to deliver exactly what was promised.
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