A point of sale system and eCommerce solution for independent businesses

Increase sales with the world's most powerful omnichannel business solution for merchants and restaurateurs.

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  • Retail Point of Sale

    What's guiding your business decisions? Get the tools to offer your customers the best retail experience, whether you have one store or a multi-location business.

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  • Restaurant Point of Sale

    A successful restaurant needs a reliable POS. Streamline essential tasks and focus on what truly matters — engaging with your new and returning customers.

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  • eCom

    Get your business online quick and easy. There's no better way to engage your customers and guests than with an online platform.

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Lightspeed for your business

We are dedicated to helping local businesses thrive, making your success ours. We ensure our customers have the most reliable and intuitive point of sale system and eCommerce solution on the market so you're ready to meet customers online and in-person.

  • 24/7

    24/7 support

    Access our support heroes anytime at no additional cost. No matter the issue, we're here to walk you through any challenges.

  • Cloud-based reporting

    We know you're busy so we've made it easier for you to access everything and anything, wherever you are. Login, check your sales, review your data - all remotely.

  • All-in-one POS

    We make sure any service you require to run your business smoothly is integrated with our point of sale. From loyalty programs to inventory syncing, we've got you covered.

  • PC & Mac compatible

    Whether you're a Mac or PC user, we've taken the right technical steps to make sure our point of sale works on any device, so you can run your store your preferred way.

  • Robust inventory management

    The backbone of Lightspeed is our detailed yet easy-to-use inventory management system. Upload all your product info and skus with no limit to items.

  • Customer profiling

    Whether selling to returning or new customers, you can create a personalized shopping experience. Build detailed customer profiles so you can target your marketing activites.

  • Customizable eCommerce template

    With over 100 customizable themes your store will reflect your unique branding. Select your prefered language and create the ideal checkout experience.

  • Simple management of online store

    Import your inventory quickly and efficiently, configure your product as you need manage customer accounts with ease.

  • Convert visitors into buyers

    Improve your SEO reach by optimizing your online store. Offer related products, create a convenient checkout process, and provide a variety of payment options.

Lightspeed Retail

We bring mobility and simplicity to running your store, day-to-day. Learn how Lightspeed Retail can help you manage your business, from running reports to improving your customer service.


Lightspeed Retail

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