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Lightspeed helps independent retailers and restaurateurs, like you, do what you do better.

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An all-in-one point of sale solution

Lightspeed is the leading provider of cloud-based POS software. Join the growing number of independent businesses choosing us to handle their day-to-day sales, customer management and inventory needs.

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Retail POS

More than
a cash register

Do you remember why you opened your store? Your love of fashion. Wishing summer bike rides could last all year. Whatever your reason, our retail POS does more than ring up sales, so you can do more of what you love.

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I wanted to work with a system that looked towards the future, which is why I chose Lightspeed.
Badichi Belts Badichi Belts
More than<br>a cash register
Always open<br>for business


Always open
for business

Your store is never closed. Make real connections online and share your craft anywhere, anytime. Lightspeed eCom helps you design and refine the online experience you want to create.

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The advantage of Lightspeed is its visual interface. Everyone understood it quickly.
Jogha Jogha

Restaurant POS

Add some flavor
to your service

The smell of freshly picked basil. The sizzle of the grill. A smile on your customer’s face. Our POS takes care of everything else — from order taking and reporting to menu creation, so you can focus on what you love.

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The two aspects that I find the most useful are the labour reporting as well as clocking in and clocking out.
Norseman Distillery Norseman Distillery
Add some flavor<br>to your service

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Maison Cloakroom


Montreal, Canada

Best Lightspeed feature
Using Lightspeed really helps me manage my bar efficiently, which allows me to actually focus on taking care of my customers.





Montreal, Canada

Best Lightspeed feature
Lightspeed saves us time on menial tasks, so that we can spend more time with our customers and help them.





New York City, USA

Best Lightspeed feature
It’s aesthetically pleasing, it has a lot of features and a customer can look at the screen and see what they are purchasing.



Papillon Living


Brighton, UK

Best Lightspeed feature
We have the confidence that our web shop is providing the same service...that we would provide face to face.

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