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Boost efficiency with the Kitchen Display System

Making sure your guests get what they ordered. On time, every time.

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Improve communication from back-of-house to the front

Designed for the dirty hands and high pressure of peak hours, Lightspeed Kitchen Display System (KDS) provides an easy-to-read display of all orders on a single screen. Quickly see preparation status and remove any chance of lost orders, ripped tickets or forgotten orders left untouched at the printer.

Gain back-end control with automated communication

Operational efficiency

Gain back-end control with automated communication

We know how busy it can get in the kitchen. KDS displays ticket times to keep track of turnaround, color-codes the orders to help staff see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go, and lets staff manage incoming orders more effectively.

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Faster service, from table to kitchen

Better customer service

Faster service, from table to kitchen

KDS technology communicates orders clearly and in real-time, completely removing unnecessary back and forth from table to kitchen. Waiters can send in an order as soon as it’s been taken, leaving them with more time to provide customers with recommendations.

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Replace the need for physical printers

Keep it simple

Replace the need for physical printers

Get rid of ticket clutter and replace your bulky printers with screens. Want to send orders to different parts of the restaurant? For those already using Lightspeed Restaurant POS, simply configure it to send the food orders to the kitchen and drink orders to the bar. You can also enable audible alerts to let your kitchen staff know about a new order without breaking workflow.

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