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Powerful payment processing, with powerful insights.
Lightspeed Payments makes it easier than ever to serve guests and get paid, with one platform.

Lightspeed powers leading businesses in over 100 countries.


Lightspeed’s customers processed $87.1 billion in GTV* through Lightspeed’s platform in fiscal 2023


~168K locations around the world trust Lightspeed

A platform made for ambitious hospitality leaders.

Our flexible, multilocation payment processor gives you the tools you need to scale your restaurant.

  • Get guidance from a leading team of hospitality experts
  • Enjoy competitive rates—no setup costs or hidden fees
  • Handle high volumes with no monthly transaction limit
  • Stay on top of bookkeeping with in-depth accounting tools

Get actionable insights with every transaction.

Advanced Insights give you a full view of your business so you can help drive revenue and provide a premium customer experience.

Know your guests better

View valuable sales data, learn who your top spenders are and get automatic guest profiles with every card transaction.

Optimize your offerings

View most-ordered menu items, promote money-making dishes–plus offer personalized deals and promos.

Act on key operational metrics

Update your menu with performance insights and identify top performers with server analytics. Access reliable operational reports from anywhere.

Give guests a secure and seamless checkout.

The experience your customers and employees have always wanted, with a processor that is fully embedded in your POS.

  • Drive efficiency and accept credit, debit and mobile payments from anywhere
  • Protect customers from fraud with built-in PCI compliance
  • Manage the rush like a pro with automated transactions

Speed up payments with Pay at Table.

Close bills directly at the table from your payment terminal.

Settle payments fast

Select any table number among all open tables.

Instantly sync payment status

Get real-time communication between your terminal and POS.

Simple bill-splitting

Split bills among groups and let customers pay at different times.

Save your staff time

Collect tabs and preauthorize payments at the bar.

Turn tables faster with Lightspeed Payments.

It’s ready to go. View our competitive processing rates on our pricing page.

Processing over $50K?

Your current processor may be overcharging you. Find out how you can save more of your revenue with Lightspeed. Contact our experts today for a customized quote.

Guests can pay anytime, anyplace—online and off.

Reduce wait times and diversify your revenue streams with simple, contactless payments via QR code with Order Anywhere. Guests can order from their phones, split bills and pay with just a few taps.

Plus, get all transaction data sent in real time to your POS, thanks to Lightspeed's fully unified platform.

Flexible. Streamlined. Intuitive.

Our system is customizable so you can accept payments in a way that works best for your business, and save time doing it.

  • Settle transactions with QR codes for quick sales
  • Enjoy built-in tipping functionalities
  • Choose modern payment terminals suited to your business

Lightspeed’s free, 24/7 support.

Everything you need to run your restaurant, when you need it.

  • Unlimited 24/7 specialist support
  • Level up with industry guides, webinars, demos and videos
  • One-on-one software onboarding session
  • Rely on an expert team offering chargeback management and fraud assistance

Premium security comes standard.

Security is our top priority. Lightspeed Payments comes with premium security features built-in, so you'll have peace of mind from day one.

  • Protect their data with PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service compliance
  • Secure your data with end-to-end encryption for all transactions, in-store and online
  • Get 24/7 server security monitoring by our in-house team

All the answers you're looking for.

What payment types can I take with Lightspeed Payments?

Lightspeed payments accepts the following payment types:

- American Express
- Visa
- Mastercard
- Diners
- Discover
- UnionPay

Mobile payments:
- Google Pay
- Apple Pay

Is Lightspeed Payments safe?

Lightspeed Payments comes with built-in PCI Compliance ensuring a secure checkout experience and protection from fraud. Our support team provides fraud assistance and 24/7 support.

How do I sign up for Lightspeed Payments?

Whether your business is already powered by Lightspeed or you need a Restaurant POS with embedded payments, fill out our form and one of our experts will reach out to you with next steps.

Which payment terminals are supported for Pay at Table?

The following terminal models are currently supported:
Verifone V400m

Is it possible to split the bill?

Yes. With Pay at Table, restaurant owners can split the bill when the payment terminal displays the amount due and they can choose between the following options:

- Split the bill into equal parts. The terminal will ask you for the number of fractions.
- Divide the bill unevenly. The terminal will ask for the amount of the first fraction. This is also the option to choose if only one customer pays the entire bill.

What hardware do I need with Lightspeed Payments and Pay at Table?

To process a transaction with Lightspeed Payments & Pay at Table, you will need a payment terminal. Currently, Lightspeed is compatible with the following payment terminal:Verifone V400m-a state-of-the-art, portable touchscreen payment terminal with a built-in receipt printer.

With Pay at Table, it is possible to process payments at the table at the same time on several terminals. However, you cannot use multiple terminals to make payments simultaneously on the same account.

Is it possible to accept tips with Pay at Table?

Tipping is possible with Pay at Table, but only for card payments. There is also a difference depending on the version of the application used on the active device.

What are embedded vs. non-embedded payments?

Lightspeed Payments is an embedded payment processor, meaning it communicates with Lightspeed POS to process payments. Transactions are automatically recorded in your POS system, saving time and reducing errors because it eliminates the need for manual entry. Embedded payments make for a better checkout experience for both your employees and customers. Plus, you have access to plenty of valuable info including batch settlements, reports and customer data.

With non-embedded payments, processors don't communicate with the POS system. Transaction data isn't recorded—you have to manually input information, making the checkout process more complex.

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