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Omnichannel: Sell online and in-store with one system

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What is Omnichannel?

Run your brick-and-mortar and online store from one platform. Whether shoppers browse your store in person or from their smartphones, with Lightspeed's system, you can offer a consistent experience and the same great service.

Centralized inventory, customers, and reports
  • Know what’s in stock and never oversell to customers
  • Get a clear overview of all daily sales across all sales channels
  • No need to reconcile sales from two separate platforms
  • Use customer purchase history from all channels to create better sales strategies

Wider reach

Make it easy for shoppers to find your store and discover your products.

  • Increase online search ranking
  • Increase your in-store traffic and sales
  • Integrate with Facebook
  • Mobile-friendly templates for easy browsing
  • Market to customers based on purchase history
  • Measure marketing initiatives in-store and online
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Wider reach
Increased customer lifetime value

Increased customer lifetime value

Omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value.

  • With an online store, your products are accessible 24-7
  • Invite customers to shop online or in-store as they prefer
  • Offer customers more ways to get your products (order online, pickup in store!)
  • Get more marketing opportunities and ways to connect with shoppers
  • Acquire more new shoppers and retain existing customers
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Ease of setup and use

Whether you’re a new customer or you’ve been with us for a while, get set up in no time.

  • Free onboarding for new and existing customers
  • 24/7 support available for any issues
  • Use our Import tool for fast product uploads and updates
  • Employees can learn the system in no time
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Ease of setup and use
Do you already use Lightspeed Retail? You’re 4 main steps away from omnichannel

Do you already use Lightspeed Retail?
You’re 4 main steps away from omnichannel

  1. Install eCom from your Lightspeed Retail menu.
  2. Publish your items from Retail to eCom — even start with your top sellers.
  3. Choose from one of many free design templates for your web store.
  4. Choose your tax rates, shipping, and payment provider.


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