The vape shop POS that helps your business thrive

Manage your smoke shop's inventory, operations, staff and customer relationships using Lightspeed's one-stop commerce platform.

Why Lightspeed POS system is a top choice for smoke shops

Inventory management

Easily add products, manage variants, perform inventory counts and receive low stock alerts.

Sales and customer management

Ensure compliance, speed up checkout, drive sales with promotions and create loyal customers with personalized notes.

Integrated payments

Accept multiple payment methods and ensure secure transactions with integrated payments that work for vape shops.

Easy ecommerce

Build an ecommerce site, unify sales channels, fulfill orders efficiently and attract customers with built-in SEO tools.

Always have the right products in stock.

Use Lightspeed's smoke shop POS to manage your vape shop's inventory. Stay on top of different SKUs, vape flavors, brands and gear to ensure your shelves are stocked with products your customers love.

  • Add thousands of products to your catalog quickly with our intuitive import features
  • Track and manage variants like flavors, sizes, colors and more with our POS system
  • Complete full or partial inventory counts to maintain inventory accuracy and eliminate shrinkage
  • Use low stock alerts to get notified when popular items are running low

Sell vape products with confidence.

Lightspeed's POS system for smoke shops enables fast transactions and effective customer management.

  • Utilize built-in RACS compliance and sell products without missing a beat
  • Keep the lines moving with fast checkout features like Quick Keys and product lookups
  • Drive more sales with discounts and promotions
  • Add customer notes and enroll shoppers in your loyalty program to create repeat customers

Delight vape shop customers, no matter where they're shopping

Build a website from scratch—no coding required

Unify your sales channels with Lightspeed's one-stop commerce platform

Fulfill orders faster with click and collect, local delivery zones and shipping

Attract visitors to your website with built-in SEO tools

Harness your business' power with built-in reporting.

Stay ahead of the curve, with meaningful insights from customer behaviour to managing margins.

  • Track your performance with real-time reports for sales, inventory and employees
  • See peak hours with centralized data for in-store and online, that lets you adapt accordingly
  • Access reports from anywhere with timely, accurate and mobile-friendly reporting
  • Flexible reporting empowers you to customize by time period, customer type and more

Everything you need to process sales and get paid in one place.

Accept any amount, with any card, from any issuer, all at one predictable rate. No third-party accounts, no hidden fees—just fast and secure integrated payments.

  • Clear and simple pricing (no hidden fees)
  • Accept payments from all major credit and debit cards, Apple and Google Pay
  • Get paid securely with PCI compliance and end-to-end encryption

Top integrated vape shop POS tools available with Lightspeed

Age verification by Hyperspace

Verify IDs and prove verification compliance for age-restricted sales with options to record scans.


Combine revenue and labor data for real-time insights, optimizing scheduling and streamlining payroll.

Plastic Printers

Sell high-quality, custom branded giftcards designed for Lightspeed Retail POS.


Process payments with an integrated system, even in a high-risk retail industry like vape.

Considering the switch to Lightspeed?

Switching to Lightspeed is easy. From data migration to hardware and payments setup, our industry experts will support you each step of the way.

  • Get fast 24/7 support
  • One-on-one onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Manager to answer every question
Image of a Lightspeed customer support team member ready to assist you
Sleek and sophisticated point of sale display with recipt printer and portable handheld payment device.

Retail POS hardware? We've got it.

Whether you're stationing your POS on the counter or walking around with an iPad, Lightspeed will help you find the right retail hardware setup. Your perfect wireless experience awaits.

See what Lightspeed POS can do for your smoke shop

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Frequently asked questions about smoke shop POS systems

How do you keep inventory in a smoke shop?

Keeping inventory in a smoke shop requires systematic organization through a robust POS system.

Categorize products by type, brand and popularity for easy access. To make this easier, use a POS system with comprehensive inventory, ensuring real-time stock visibility.

Regular inventory counts are crucial. Performing counts via your POS system reduces errors and save time, allowing staff to focus on customers.

You want reordering to be streamlined; look for a POS system that monitors stock levels and can suggest optimized reorders, minimizing stockouts and overstock situations.

How can I increase sales in my vape shop?

You can increase sales in your vape shop by:

-Implementing loyalty programs and email marketing to engage customers and encourage repeat business.
-Offering discounts and promotions to attract new and returning customers.
-Creating a welcoming atmosphere, host events and use targeted marketing strategies.
-Engaging customers on social media.
-Using a robust POS system like Lightspeed to track sales trends, manage inventory efficiently and tailor offerings to customer preferences, ensuring a diverse and appealing product range.

What is the best software for smoke shops?

The best software for smoke shops boosts sales, enhances customer service and supports knowledgeable staff.

Lightspeed's smoke shop POS system offers comprehensive inventory management, sales tracking, customer management and online integration. It seamlessly manages online and offline sales, synchronizes inventory and tracks customer data, making it ideal for selling vape products online.

Plus, with custom onboarding and professional services packages, getting your vape shop started with Lightspeed is easy.

How much is a tobacco store POS system? A point of sale system like Lightspeed starts at $109 USD a month.

A point of sale system like Lightspeed starts at $109 USD a month.