Handheld POS & payments system

Lightspeed Tableside: Ordering and payments in the palm of your hand

Take orders and payments from anywhere in your restaurant. Turn tables faster, and make it easy for staff to give great service without breaking the bank.

Lightspeed Tableside is now available for pre-order.

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Simplify workflows and delight your staff.

Our handheld POS is small enough to slide into a server’s apron or pocket, so your staff can take orders and payments from tableside, at the counter, on the patio and more.

  • Take orders and payments from anywhere (patios included)
  • Accept contactless and mobile payments so you never turn down a sale
  • Split bills tableside without running back and forth to a central POS
  • Ensure seamless communication across all devices with an integrated solution

Built for restaurants with big ambitions.

Lightspeed Tableside is fast, flexible and portable, so you can run your restaurant your way, without spending a fortune on hardware.


Get the handheld POS system that fits into any workflow, so you can sell more from anywhere in your restaurant.

Robust battery life

Keep your servers selling from morning to night with battery life that lasts all day.


Boost efficiency and sales without breaking the bank. You can use your own iPhone to save even more.

Boost efficiency and profitability.

Get the tools you need to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and scale your restaurant.

  • Run the floor and ensure great service while reducing employee workload
  • Enable staff to handle more tables efficiently and save on labor costs
  • Send orders directly from table to kitchen to cut down on errors and comps
  • Maximize every cover with live prompts reminding servers to upsell

Engage and empower your team.

Attract and retain the best talent in the industry by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

  • Empower servers to turn tables faster and sell more
  • Streamline ordering and payments to keep staff out of the weeds
  • Ensure frictionless service to boost employee satisfaction and retention
  • Eliminate trips back and forth to a central POS so servers can focus on your guests

Deliver faster, better service with Lightspeed Tableside.

Keep guests coming back for more with fast, error-free and more personalized service.

Send orders instantly

Get food and drinks to your guests faster with instant order sending.

Focus on guest experience

Streamline ordering and payments so staff can focus on hospitality.

Take more payment methods

Let guests pay how they want without getting up from the table.

Simplify separate bills

Split bills among groups and let customers pay at different times.

Get actionable insights with every transaction.

Lightspeed Tableside works with Lightspeed Payments to give you a full view of your business and insights that help you deliver top-notch service and drive revenue.

  • Better understand your customers, their preferences and buying trends
  • Identify your top-selling dishes and promote menu items with the best margins
  • Know when you need more staff and see where you can save on labor hours
  • Identify staff strengths and areas for improvement to build a stronger team

Lightspeed’s free, 24/7 support.

Everything you need to run your restaurant, when you need it.

  • Unlimited 24/7 specialist support
  • Level up with industry guides, webinars, demos and videos
  • One-on-one software onboarding session
  • Rely on an expert team offering chargeback management and fraud assistance

Your restaurant success toolkit.

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