Connect your POS to your restaurant accounting software

Every day, Lightspeed Accounting automatically sends your data to your accounting system and leaves no room for error.

Let your systems communicate

Lightspeed Accounting is as flexible as you need it to be. All payment types and applicable taxes connect to your accounting software, giving you an accurate picture of your performance.

Generate reports for all your restaurants

See how each of your locations is performing, organizing them by sales, average ticket size and number of guests. Performance trends can be tracked month over month or year over year, giving you the tools you need to monitor your success and plan ahead.

Get 100% accurate numbers

Once you’re all set up, your accounting software will receive data once a day, in the format of your choice. A fewer step in process allows you to drastically reduce the risk of error… plus you’re saving time.

Want to test the system?

Just sign up using your Lightspeed Restaurant account.