Offer superior service with the Customer Facing Display

Give customers a breakdown of their orders on a branded iPad screen.

Offer superior service with the Customer Facing Display

A better checkout experience.

Be transparent with your customers and let them see the full breakdown of their order. List out their order, subtotal, tax percentage and total price for your customers.

What will my guests see?

CFD visually presents the following order details:

  • Item details
  • Subtotal price (for tax-exclusive accounts)
  • Tax percentage and total (if applicable)
  • Total price for the order
  • Order number for Takeaway Mode (so that guests can be sure they are paying for the right order)

Simple setup.

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Grab your secondary iPad or Airplay-compatible external device, download the CFD app, then pair it to your Restaurant POS over wifi and you are instantly ready to display your orders. That’s it!

Technology has allowed us to create experiences and replace the elements that we no longer have control over with in-house dining. For us, it was really important to create an ordering process that was reflective of our brand and style and that evoked the elements that are behind Tinc Set. Lindsay Brennan, Tinc Set
Tinc Set