A POS system that puts your pet store ahead of the pack!

From helping to deliver outstanding customer
service to taking the pain out of inventory management and accounting, our point of sale system gives small pet shops the technology they need to succeed.

Make every customer feel special

Our POS provides you with the tools you need to personalize the service you offer to every single customer. Build customer profiles by tracking customer information such as pet names, breeds, dietary restrictions and preferences. This means that when a customer comes back to your store, you can propose their pet’s favourite treats without even having to ask them. That’s the kind of service that turns shoppers into loyal customers and creates a buzz around your business.

Master your inventory

With an inventory that includes anything from toys and accessories to pet food and medication, pet store owners can find keeping track of stock challenging. Our POS gives you an overview of your entire stock in real time, so you’re always on top of what’s selling and what’s still on the shelves. Gone are the days of manual stock counts – managing your inventory is a walk in the park.

Get detailed insights into your pet shop sales

Our pet shop POS software generates insightful reports from your data so you can make informed business decisions. Analyze your store performance with advanced yet user-friendly retail analytics. Get a detailed view of your daily sales or long term sales history to discover your best selling products and spot any seasonal trends. This will allow you to anticipate increasing and decreasing demand for products and never disappoint your customers by running out of stock.

Sell your pet supplies online

Dream of taking your pet shop online but dread the extra administration and cost? Going online opens your shop doors to pet owners worldwide and helps you remain competitive. We allow you to seamlessly synchronize your brick-and-mortar store with your online store. Expand your customer reach without doubling your workload or operational costs.

Track your finances without the hassle

Balancing the books is essential to running a successful business, but often a business owner’s least favourite. Now you can take the hassle out of accounting and let our accounting integration do the hard work for you. Once you’ve linked the integration to your favourite accounting package, get sales and purchasing data reports on a daily basis. Rest assured that you have the most up-to-date numbers at your fingertips, at all times.

"Lightspeed is helping us become familiar with our customers on a first-name basis."

- Owner of Hound About Town

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