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Get the POS that’ll know the hottest spring color before you do

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Our customers rate us as excellent
Our customers rate us as excellent
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Put your point of sale to work for you

From inventory management to advanced analytics, Lightspeed POS has the tools to bring your apparel store to the next level.

Inventory management

Manage your stock

Upload, tag, report, sell, bundle and discount your products in-store and online — all with one system.

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Lightspeed allows me to do sales in the fitting room and ring up customers everywhere in the store.
Todd Snyder Todd Snyder
Manage your stock
Upload your new stock

Import tool

Upload your new stock

Import up to 1000 items in under 1 minute with Lightspeed’s new import tool — get your new items moving without delay.

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With Lightspeed, we can easily access inventory and efficiently track sales across all our stores.
Will Leather Goods Will Leather Goods

Product matrix

Set up product variants

Use product matrices to quickly set up multiple variants of the same item, such as color, material and size.

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We’re going to embrace, grow with it and try to maximize what we can do with it. It’s a great platform.
Waxman House Waxman House
Set up product variants
Simplify your workflow

Tags and categories

Simplify your workflow

Look up, report and discount based on the tags and categories that you assign to your stock, such as style codes.

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I love how Lightspeed is an all-in-one package that is not only beautiful, but also so easy to use.
Danielle B Danielle B

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Best Lightspeed feature
Everything is easy to use, easy to maintain and it’s on the cloud.