A clothing store POS
sized for your business

Whether you own a funky fashion boutique or a classic clothing
store, our sleek POS helps you master seasonal inventory
changes, exceed your customers’ needs and sell more.

Streamline your inventory


Managing your clothing inventory has never been easier. Our point of sale has a smart inventory management system that helps you better organize your stock.

Use product matrices to quickly set up multiple variants of the same item, such as colour, material and size. Set re-order points and get notified when you’re running low on items. Simply re-order from multiple vendors with a click. Do all of this from one user-friendly dashboard.

Make sales and discounts a breeze

Seasonal sales, new collections, related-item bundles – just a few of the reasons why apparel store owners need a POS that gives them pricing flexibility. Our POS allows you to discount items as and when you see fit.

Apply discounts based on item categories, brands and customer groups. Your POS does the calculating for you, so you can focus on the selling.

Ready to sell more?

Be as mobile as shoppers

Our POS is cloud-based so you’re no longer limited to making sales behind the counter. Get the flexibility to walk around your store with your customers. Use your mobile point of sale to look up inventory, see recommended item pairings, show your stock in high-res images to your customers and even close sales – all of this from anywhere on the sales floor.

Tailor your offering to your customers

Offering the styles and brands that customers want is crucial to building customer loyalty and making sales. Our point of sale makes understanding your customers’ preferences easy.

Track each customer’s purchase history, brand and style preferences. Then gather that data to make tailored recommendations, upsell accessories and create targeted marketing campaigns, such as email campaigns, based on real data rather than assumptions.

Open your clothing store to the world

Our POS integrates seamlessly with our omnichannel solution, so you can bring your brick-and-mortar store online and reach a worldwide audience. Operate your physical and virtual stores from a single system, get a single view of your sales and customer data and offer your international audience a truly omnichannel shopping experience.

“Now, we can interact with customers through the entire transaction. At no point does the sales associate need to be behind a desk. Customers can purchase with ease!”

- Owner of Jean Shop NYC

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Make accounting simple

Make accounting simple

Do you dread the thought of balancing the books? To make informed business decisions, clothing store owners need to see their figures at the drop of a hat. With our POS accounting integration, you can sync your POS with your accounting software and track your sales data, revenue and expenses within your point of sale software. This means you can save the time you would otherwise spend exporting and importing your revenue data.

Our retail POS gives you all the tools you need to significantly improve the way you manage your apparel store and meet your customers’ needs.

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