Flexible funding built
for your retail business

Grow your store. Maintain cash flow. Finance new projects. All with Lightspeed Capital, our merchant cash advance program. Email [email protected] to inquire about your eligibility.*

How Lightspeed Capital works

With a quick and painless application process, Lightspeed Capital takes away the roadblocks many retailers face on their search for funding.
Our team pre-screens for eligibility and creates a cash advance offer that's tailored to your business.

Our Lightspeed Capital experts determine your eligibility

Your offer will appear in BackOffice or in an offer email

Apply for your merchant cash advance in your BackOffice or through a Capital Specialist

Funds are sent to your bank account, and the balance is remitted through a percentage of your daily credit card sales

Welcome to a new era
of business funding.

Why choose Lightspeed Capital? We believe business owners should have better access to funding. Our process is simple: there’s no red tape or lengthy application, so you get your funds sooner.

  • Enjoy funding without personal credit checks—there’s no impact on your score
  • Find relief with our flat-fee payment structure: no fluctuating interest or hidden costs
  • Invest in your business instantly when your cash advance is deposited into your bank account in as soon as two business days
  • Use Lightspeed Capital for any business purpose, project or expense

Our simple remittance process guarantees less stress.

Unlike a traditional loan, you can use your cash advance on your own schedule for any business expense. Remit it as you go, only when you make sales.

  • No collateral, credit checks or compounding interest rates
  • Remit on your own time: there are no scheduled monthly payments
  • The full amount, including the flat fee, is remitted through a percentage of your daily sales
  • Request Capital again after your balance is remitted in full

Local businesses are the backbone of our communities, and Lightspeed’s goal is to make owning a successful independent business easier than ever. We believe real-time access to capital is one of the largest challenges facing independent merchants today. This expansion of Lightspeed Capital provides a simple, streamlined opportunity for our merchants to invest in their business. Our goal is to help turbocharge their operations ... all through a single, integrated commerce solution.

Dax Dasilva, Lightspeed CEO

Want to grow your business? We’ve got you.

Lightspeed Capital frees you from the constraints of traditional financial aid, so you can expand your business with easily accessible, renewable funding. Give shoppers a better experience when you invest in your business. With Lightspeed Capital, you can:

  • Bulk up inventory to meet seasonal increases in demand
  • Implement customer feedback and expand your product offerings
  • Invest in staffing as your store grows
  • Fuel your new customer base with marketing ad campaigns

Looking for business stability? Let us help.

In times of economic uncertainty, you can rely on Lightspeed Capital as a partner to support you and your business needs. Take advantage of a cash advance to stabilize your cash flow and keep your operations running smoothly. With Lightspeed Capital, you can:

  • Bulk up your cash flow for peace of mind
  • Pay unexpected business bills and expenses
  • Get business financing without the stress of credit checks
  • Remit the cash advance only when you make sales

Learn more about
your eligibility.

If you’re already a Lightspeed customer, here are the eligibility requirements you need to know about:

  • Eligibility is determined by factors related to business performance, including sales history and tenure with Lightspeed
  • Lightspeed Payments’ subscribers are automatically reviewed for eligibility on a monthly basis
  • Offers will remain available for up to 30 days, after which the offer will expire and you will be reevaluated for eligibility
  • Email [email protected] to inquire about your eligibility

*Lightspeed Capital is distributed by Lightspeed Commerce. Lightspeed Capital is only available to Lightspeed merchants who have been processing payments for six months.

Your questions, answered.

Is this a loan?

No. Lightspeed Capital provides a merchant cash advance in the amount of the purchase price, which is not a loan. A merchant cash advance is a purchase of future receivables, which is remitted as a percentage of income on each future sale until the purchase amount is remitted in full.

A loan, by contrast, is borrowed money that is paid back according to a set schedule, by a certain deadline, with a specified interest rate. Traditional financial institutions can require collateral (such as accounts receivable or a physical asset) to reduce the risk they take on when offering business loans, but merchant cash advances do not carry this stipulation.

Is there a payment schedule?

There is no set payment schedule or deadline because this is a merchant cash advance, not a loan. The cash advance is designed to suit the needs of your business: When sales are steady and high, the advance gets remitted faster. In a slow sales period, you remit less. This means that you can remit the advance at any time without penalty, unlike a loan.

What’s the interest rate?

As this isn’t a loan, there is no interest rate. Instead, Lightspeed Capital uses flat-fee pricing. The flat fee is a percentage of your cash advance balance that’s added on to the total amount to be remitted.

How much are the fees?

Based on the amount of funds requested, there is an associated flat fee. The flat fee differs from the payment rate, which is the percentage of your daily credit card sales used to remit the cash advance.

For example, you may receive an offer that looks something like this:

Financing amount: $20,000
Flat fee: $3400
Total amount owed: $23,400
Payment rate: 11%

This fee isn't due as a cash payment upfront. Rather, the fee is paid as part of the daily withdrawals described below.

How and when is the purchased amount delivered to Lightspeed?

After you obtain funds via Lightspeed Capital, 11% of your daily credit card sales are taken directly from your business bank account, by a Lightspeed entity via ACH. It's important you make sure that you have enough funds in your account to cover the ACH transfer.

You won't pay anything unless you make sales.

How do you determine eligibility?

Lightspeed Payments subscribers are automatically reviewed for eligibility on a monthly basis, and you may be contacted via email if your business qualifies for an offer.

If eligible, you will receive an email or intercom notification. Then, when you send in your application (the process takes just a few minutes!), the Lightspeed Capital team assesses your application to confirm you are eligible for the requested cash advance.

The criteria for eligibility is based on a number of factors, including overall business performance, transaction volume and your history with Lightspeed Payments.

Offers will remain available for up to 30 days, after which the offer will expire and you will be reevaluated for eligibility.


Lightspeed Capital is a merchant cash advance service provided by Lightspeed and its affiliates. Eligibility criteria, terms and fees apply.