Get a modern restaurant ordering system

Mobile service

Whether they are at a table, at the bar or on the terrasse, customers expect one thing: impeccable service. Wherever they are, give them the same options, information and answers.

  • Use a mobile POS to serve customers everywhere
  • Offer them total payment flexibility
  • Send the orders automatically to the bar or the kitchen

Order Anywhere

Let your customers place their own orders and send their requests directly to the kitchen so your staff can focus on what they do best.

  • Customers can order at the table directly from their phones
  • Save money and avoid third-party fees by managing your own takeout
  • Avoid order mistakes and lineups

Takeout and delivery

Get more orders with a POS that allows you to process takeout and delivery requests on the spot.

  • Switch your order screen to Quick Service Mode to speed up order-taking
  • Assign one or multiple delivery orders to a table
  • Add a delivery or takeout label to a table
  • Set specific rates for takeout and delivery


With Lightspeed Restaurant, end the meal as easily as it started, by dividing the bills the way your customers want.

  • Assign orders to seats
  • Split or group bills
  • Transfer items
  • Divide an item between customers


Allergies, food restrictions or simply preferences, your customers won’t appreciate any error if they tell you to take out an ingredient from their order. Our modifiers feature allows you to put all requests directly into the system so you never forget what they asked.

  • Let the kitchen know about modifications to an item
  • Avoid ordering mistakes
  • Add modifiers as easily readable notes