2021 Global State of the Hospitality Industry Report

A global survey of over 2,000 restaurant operators and guests reveals how this year has changed operations and consumer preferences are rapidly shifting.

Flat lay of a Lightspeed POS, handheld device, a plate of food and a brown takeout box. In the bottom right corner is the cover of the 2021 State of the Hospitality Industry Report.
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Lightspeed surveyed over 2,000 restaurant owners, operators, managers and guests across North America and Europe to see how the past year has changed their views on the industry, and how they plan to adjust and adapt.

In this guide we share our findings, including:

  • How hospitality operators are adapting to the global labor shortage.
  • Preferences on consumer-facing technology like QR codes and contactless payments.
  • What guests need to feel safe dining out.
  • How guests plan to support restaurants beyond dining in and ordering takeout.
Example pages from the report.