A restaurant reporting system that helps you make smart decisions

We love the reporting because we can do it anywhere.

- Elliot Anderson, manager of Georgia Theatre
Stock management

Stock management

Make informed purchasing decisions

Know exactly what to reorder and when by tracking every stock item from procurement to depletion. Lightspeed’s POS for restaurants shows you where your stock levels are at at all times.

Optimize your menu for maximum profitability

Give your patrons the options they want. Track trends over time using real-time data, get a clear picture of what your top-sellers are and what you can do without and adjust your menu accordingly.

End-of-day reports

Get a complete view of your day

Whether you want the big picture or prefer to hone in on data at a granular level, the reporting engine provides the type of breakdown you need instantaneously.

Plan for peak periods

Knowing your profitability per day allows you to adjust your operations appropriately. Schedule wait staff and provide the right number of devices based on the influx of customers.

Gain insight into how your patrons are paying

Provide the right payment options for your customers. Access information on the payment types  that work best for your business and your patrons.

Staff reporting

Staff reporting

Know what your staff is up to

Run a tighter operation by tracking employee shifts, ensuring you know when each one clocks in and out.

Identify your all-star servers

Get a clear view of how individual staff members are performing. The shift reports you can generate using our restaurant POS give you a clear view of who’s selling what, how many tables they turn and how much profit they generate.

Synchronized reporting

Access real-time reports on any device

Generate consistent reports based on real-time data, whether you’re at your restaurant, on your laptop at home or out and about. Lightspeed’s restaurant POS is cloud-based, pulling reliable and consistent reports regardless of the device you use.


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