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How Miriam uses Lightspeed to manage multiple locations with ease

With his flagship restaurant Miriam, a beloved New York City institution for nearly 20 years, Chef Rafael Hasid pays homage to his mother and the rich culinary heritage of his homeland. Today, there are three Miriam restaurants in NYC, plus Chef Hasid’s newest concept, New Orleans-inspired 1803 under the restaurant group 6R Hospitality Group. Each one demonstrates a commitment to authenticity and community.

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Lightspeed Restaurant, Pro Services


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Challenge: finding a POS that meets the needs of a multi-concept operator

When Peter Marzulli joined the company as their director of operations, all of 6R Hospitality Group’s restaurants were using TouchBistro. It didn’t take long for him to decide it was time for a change. But as a multi-concept operator with four restaurants in NYC, hotel restaurants in New Jersey, New York and Boston and big plans for the future, Marzulli knew that a one-size-fits-all system wasn’t going to cut it. The restaurant group needed a technology partner that could handle their operational complexity and multiple sales channels. It needed to be tailored to their needs today, plus be able to accommodate the group’s ambitious growth plans—including new markets and possible hotel subsidiaries.

Solution: one platform capable of managing complex operations

With Lightspeed, Marzulli can connect and oversee operations at all his locations from a single, fully integrated system. Marzulli can seamlessly connect all the tools he uses to run the business. “Everything is integrated and they all talk well,” says Marzulli.

Two-way communication means that data is aggregated in Lightspeed and reports are generated from one location. Since integrating with Deliverect, Miriam’s pick up times have already improved. “I also have Lightspeed integrated with 7shifts, which gives me real-time labor cost percentages, which is highly important to me.”

And with Pro Services, Marzulli gets access to Lightspeed’s raw API, API consulting and support, so he can build a system tailored to his exact needs. “I can ask for something to be embedded or for changes that allow for more customization and control on the backend.”

How Lightspeed powers 6R Hospitality Group

Advanced Insights

With Lightspeed's Advanced Insights, the restaurant group has the data they need to make better business decisions. “You can drill down and see exactly what was rung in within specific time restraints, which helps us to optimize our labor and food costs and everything else.”

Multi-location management

Using Lightspeed, Marzulli can monitor all the restaurant group’s locations from a single, unified platform. “For a multi-concept group, having everything together in one platform just makes sense. I can access all my data in one place rather than driving myself crazy.”


Lightspeed seamlessly integrates with the best restaurant management tools on the market, enabling restaurants to run at full capacity from a single platform. “Lightspeed has provided me with a lot of tools at my disposal to allow me to real-time manage my businesses.”

Lightspeed Pro Services

6R Hospitality Group has been using the white glove consultancy service since switching to Lightspeed to position themselves for growth. “You ultimately get a more customized solution because you can ask for changes that allow for more control on the backend.”

Growing and scaling the business with a flexible, customizable solution

6R Hospitality Group has no intention of slowing down any time soon. “We’ve already expanded our reach into delivery and off-premise catering,” says Marzulli. “We’re considering some new concepts and hotel subsidiaries in the future.” By the end of the year, the group plans to open one if not two more Miriam locations in New York. “We believe Miriam to be a very well-received and successful concept, and we believe there's room for that concept to grow. And when we open new locations, the intention is to use Lightspeed.”

“Lightspeed puts a lot of tools at my disposal that allow me to real-time manage my businesses. From analyzing menu items and whether or not they sell, to being able to see if there's waste from following the inventory, it’s also helped me reduce costs in a fair amount of ways.”

Peter Marzulli, Director of Operations, 6R Hospitality Group

Built for sophisticated operations

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