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5 Ways a POS Can Grow Your Golf Course Business

5 Ways a POS Can Grow Your Golf Course Business

One of the best ways to grow your business is to harness the power of existing technology. 

A golf course management and POS system can help you take your business to new heights by: 

  1. Making tee time bookings a breeze
  2. Automating your inventory management
  3. Giving your sales associates more information at their fingertips 
  4. Expanding your presence online 
  5. Improving your food and beverage services
  6. Sending personalized marketing communications to your customers

In this article, we’ll explain how golf course management technology can save you time and boost your bottom line in detail. 

Keep customers coming back to your course

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1. Make booking tee times a breeze

The online booking market is booming. Over a quarter of online bookings are made online, and the market is expected to grow by $633.47 million by 2025. The best way to take advantage of this market share is to set up an online tee time booking system for your golf course. 

Golf course management software with an online booking system will make it easier both for customers to book tee times and for you to manage your bookings on the backend. A dynamic, customizable tee sheet will let golfers book wherever, whenever, and also give you the power to seamlessly manage special events like tournaments or monthly leagues. 

2. Automate your inventory management

Tracking inventory doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence. A golf course POS with robust inventory management capabilities will let you:

  • View a list of total current items in your pro shop
  • Assign custom tags and categories to make it faster to find items
  • Set reorder points for each item  
  • See what your bestselling items are
  • Accept special order requests for items you don’t currently have in stock 
  • Transfer items between different locations 
  • Sync your in-store inventory with your eCommerce inventory

Stronger inventory management can help you reorder exactly what’s needed when it’s needed most, as well as give a better shopping experience to your customers. You’ll be able to do business better and grow your course’s revenue as a result. 

3. Give your sales associates better tools for better service

To compete with big box sports gear stores and online giants, pro shops need to differentiate themselves by creating an in-store experience that delights customers and keeps them coming back. A cloud-based POS in your pro shop can help your sales associates achieve exactly this.

Instead of being chained to one spot in your store, a cloud-based POS is easily accessible on a phone or tablet. With customer data and product images at their fingertips, your staff can be anywhere with a customer, looking up product information on the golf POS such as:

  • Whether an item is in stock, and in what sizes and colors
  • The ability to keep track of and preorder any out of stock items when a customer requests them 
  • Complete product data, with full, crisp pictures of the item 
  • Associated items to help upsell or suggest alternatives, by tapping on different categories and tags already set up in the system

By providing an outstanding experience in your pro shop, you’ll be more likely to both retain existing customers and get new ones in the door. 

4. Expand your presence online

46% of Google searches are local, and over 83% of US adults want to book their travel and related activities online. The bottom line is: if you don’t have a functioning, easily accessible website, you’re missing out on business. 

Your golf course website can serve as a hub for important information about your course and offerings, such as: 

  • When you’re open 
  • How to contact you 
  • Details on your course’s design and layout
  • Membership details
  • Information about lessons, annual tournaments or other special events

And—best of all–with a golf course management system, you can let customers book tee times right from your website. Your golfers will be able to reliably book the times they’d like to play anytime, anywhere, which is a huge win. 

Not tech savvy? Lightspeed Golf offers white glove website building services, so you can get a beautiful website without touching any code. 

5. Improve your food and beverage services 

Diners care about flexibility now more than ever. The good news is, you can give them the ability to order from anywhere. A golf course restaurant POS will let your customers order on or off the course and pick their food up at a later time, so that they can enjoy their refreshments whenever they want. This also means that golfers can order food directly from you instead of a third-party delivery platform, saving you hundreds of dollars on commission fees. 

Similarly, if you have a sit down restaurant on your property, a restaurant POS can let your servers flip tables at your desired pace, and keep your kitchen in the know about which ingredients to use now and buy later. 

6. Send personalized communications to your customers

Personalizing your email marketing can be a boon to your business. Most customers not only want to receive personalized messages, they actually expect to. You can exceed these expectations by using marketing software to create email campaigns.

Golf course management software stores valuable customer data. Pair that with a built-in marketing engine and you can create customized, automated email campaigns to help you boost your bottom line. Notify your customers about special promotions, upcoming events and tournaments, and most importantly, remind them to book tee times. 

Minimize busywork, maximize profits

Running a golf course is no small feat. Technology can vastly improve the experience and service you give your guests, making it easier for your course to grow. 

If you’re looking to see what tools are beyond pen and paper, talk to our golf experts to learn more about how Lightspeed Golf can put you above your competition. 

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