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Why Take Email Addresses?

Why Take Email Addresses?

Capturing customer data is a crucial part to growing your business. Almost every golfer today has an email address and email marketing is your quickest and most efficient way of communicating with them. With the help of a golf management software with built-in email marketing software, it is important to build on your existing database at every possible opportunity. If not, year over year you will lose clients and you want to make sure you’re constantly adding fresh contacts to your email marketing campaigns so you can keep your numbers moving up.


  • Reduced call volume at pro-shop
  • Build a mature and complete database
  • Client segmentation for better email marketing
  • Online reservation for customer
  • Free Handicap calculation
  • Golfers can invite playing partners
  • Tee-Time reservation confirmations
  • Exclusive online only offers


When taking reservations over the phone, mention to your client that online reservations are the quickest and easiest way to book their tee time. If a golfer is already in your data base but missing an email address, entering it will automatically create a profile for them leaving them only to create a password via an automatically generated email the system will send them.


Want to export a list of golfers from your system based on certain conditions?

(Example: Public golfers who have played at least 5 times on my course this year)

See below for screen capture example, step by step instructions,

or click the segmentation tool button if you are already logged in to Lightspeed


Click on the statistics icon on the left hand side of your tee sheet

Select the “Segmentation” option

Click on “OPEN”

Chose your first condition (Ex: number of rounds played is equal to 5)

Add a second condition such as: ( Player type is equal to PUBLIC)

Once you have entered the proper conditions, client on “Apply Segment”

You will now be able to export this list in Excel using our export tool

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