Give your staff
the right POS

Minimal training

Get an intuitive POS that will make your staff’s job easier and be rewarded with efficient employees that are happy to work for you.

  • Work with a user-friendly system
  • Tailor the interface to staff needs with the help of customizations
  • Reduce the questions from customers with Customer Facing Display

User permissions

Retain control over your business with Lightspeed’s permission settings per employee or by user group. With user permissions, you decide what your individual employees have access to.

  • Create user roles with specific permissions
  • Enable or disable permissions individually or with user groups
  • Manage the capabilities of your team and assigned work based on role

Tip management

Lightspeed Restaurant helps you manage tips in total transparency, no matter how you and your team decide to divide them. Avoid errors and frustrating miscommunications by adding everything in your POS.

  • Add the tip directly to the system
  • See the tip amount per user
  • Set a redistribution percentage for the team

Staff reporting

You don’t need to micro-manage your team to know what’s going on. Let the system help you define KPIs for your employees so they can excel.

  • Track how much your employees sell
  • Build the best team based on performance
  • Reward your star employees
  • Give your employees KPIs based on real data