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Attention vape shops: Lightspeed + VapeMentors launch certification program

Attention vape shops: Lightspeed + VapeMentors launch certification program

Lightspeed is teaming up with industry expert VapeMentors to educate vape shop owners on how they can adhere to complex industry regulations and accelerate their growth in the process.

This exciting new partnership is the first of its kind to work directly in collaboration with FDA Regulation Experts. Together, they will clarify FDA guidelines, bolster shop owners’ store operations, and enhance their employee training programs. Lightspeed and VapeMentors are teaming up to support retailers in the industry by offsetting tuition costs for customers completing the program.

The FDA states that retailers who complete an approved training program based on the Vape Shop Certification subject matter will be looked on favorably.

Why is Vape Shop Certification important?

Prepare your store for FDA audits

Training your employees for an FDA audit is difficult. Regulatory changes are ongoing and the information can be complex. The Vape Shop Certification training program offers vape shop owners and managers a comprehensive training solution on FDA compliance.

Introduce new employees to the vape industry

Vape Shop Certification training gives new employees a crash course on FDA regulations, battery safety, customer service, social media, and advocacy. This training program accelerates new employees learning. What typically takes months of working in the field will be acquired over a few sessions.  

Protect your store from civil and regulatory penalties

Your employees are your first line of defence against the two of your store’s biggest threats: exploding batteries and FDA secret shoppers. Enrolling your employees for Vape Shop Certification assures that they’re informed and adhering to all rules and regulations.

This six-part series will help vape retailers train their employees on industry regulations and best practices. Topics covered in these training sessions include:

  • Regulations: taught by attorney and former SFATA executive director, Phil Daman.
  • Battery safety and liability protection: two of the biggest reasons vape shops are exposed to lawsuits.
  • Customer service and support: One of the biggest reasons for a shop’s success or failure is also the easiest to fix.
  • Advocacy: an excellent way to help the industry and its retailers stay alive in the midst of over-regulation. This two-part class is taught by Alex Clark, CEO of CASAA, and Stefan Didak from Not Blowing Smoke.
  • Social media: discover the dos and don’ts of social media, taught by Keller and Heckman LLP partner, Tracy Marshall, and social media expert, Riley Legaspi. This includes a Digital Media Policy Template.
  • Future Trends: a panel discussion led by Norm Bour, founder of VapeMentors. This class delves into CBD, Kratom, glassware and other possible revenue streams.

For more information on the Vape Shop Certification, please contact Norm Bour.

Lightspeed is committed to cementing its position as the perfect fit for vape retailers through both exciting partnerships with industry experts and its robust platform. With Lightspeed POS, retailers benefit from:

  • Item tagging by manufacturer or product type
  • An unlimited number of SKUs
  • Robust inventory management, including product matrix capabilities
  • The ability to build kits with the “Assembled Items” function
  • Tracking customer purchase history with a comprehensive information management system

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