Getting More Out of Tournaments and Events at the Golf Course

Dive into marketing and management strategies to help you get the most out of golf tournaments and events at your facility.

Getting more out of tournaments and events at your golf course

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Golf course facilities often overlook how effective golf tournaments and events can be when it comes to revenue generation.

Provided you have ample logistical space on your grounds and in your clubhouse, your facility can be a go-to destination for golf tournaments, charitable events and other non golf-related events such as weddings and corporate events.

While venue management can be difficult, it can be very lucrative when executed well. See how events can help you generate more revenue by learning how you can:

  • Host a range of well-executed tournaments
  • Rent your venue to weddings and corporate events
  • Generate revenue with catering and preferred service vendors
  • Rent your clubhouse in the offseason