What’s new in Lightspeed Restaurant with Loyalty?


Bug fixes

  • We fixed an occasional issue where the Birthday and Time Away campaigns would not always grant rewards or send SMS messages to your customers; now, the campaigns correctly grant rewards and send SMS messages.

Feature enhancements

  • The Birthday campaign no longer requires customers to qualify as a VIP in order to receive their one-time birthday reward. Any customer who has completed at least one transaction is now eligible for a birthday reward when the campaign is enabled.

Learn more about campaigns with Lightspeed Loyalty

  • The Time Away campaign allows you to give customers extra Loyalty points when they haven’t used their rewards or visited your business in 30 days. Use this feature by enabling a point value or one-time reward and encourage your customers to regularly return!
  • The Birthday campaign allows you to give customers a one-time reward on their birthday.  Customers can submit their birthdays on the Loyalty web or native apps and are then automatically offered a recurring one-time reward on their birthday.
  • The VIP campaign offers customers who’ve spent a certain amount at your business the reward of earning more points.   Enable this feature by setting the amount a customer must spend to be a VIP client; then, set how many points these customers earn per dollar spent.