What’s new in Lightspeed Restaurant’s POS app?


  • A manager can now use elevated permissions to allow another user to apply a discount to a product. For more information on elevated permissions, see this help center article.
  • Customers of merchants using Lightspeed Loyalty will now see communications from the merchant in the language their device is set to.
  • Customers can now sign on-screen and add a tip after a credit card payment or room payment. Check out this help center article for more information.
  • The Payments screen has a new look that features suggested amounts and denomination buttons for quick calculation.

Note: Some of these features will be rolled out gradually.


  • We fixed an issue that occasionally caused problems when using elevated permissions to void a receipt.

NOTE: Some features require your LiteServer to be updated to version 7.9. This update will take place automatically. If you want to have your LiteServer updated sooner, please contact Support.