What’s new in Lightspeed Restaurant’s POS app?


  • Servers can now notify kitchen staff to begin preparing a course by tapping the new Fire button on the Order screen.


  • PLUs in online ordering are now case-sensitive (i.e.: cc1 and CC1 will be treated as two separate items).

What’s new in Restaurant Manager?


  • You can now create menus made up of categories and toggle between them in the Restaurant POS app. Menus can be assigned to specific devices and floors. Check out this help center article for more information. Note: This feature will be rolled out gradually.
  • You can now configure kitchen templates to display item names on a fire course ticket.
  • It is now possible to restrict user access to one or more sections of Restaurant Manager.
  • You can now sort modifiers by PLU on receipt templates as well as bar and kitchen templates.

What’s new in Lightspeed Kitchen?

  • We fixed an issue that occasionally caused an error when updating tickets linked to hidden floors or tables.

NOTE: Some features require your LiteServer to be updated to version 7.8. This update will take place automatically. If you want to have your LiteServer updated sooner, please contact Support.