What’s new in Lightspeed Restaurant?

New features

We now offer deposit and refund support!

  • You can now offer deposits and refunds on items.  For instance,  if you sell drinks in glass bottles and wish to collect the glass bottles after consumption, you can create a deposit on Lightspeed Restaurant for the bottle and then process a refund when the bottle is returned.  
  • For customers in Belgium or France, due to fiscal regulations it’s not possible to add a refunded item on a receipt that also contains sale items. Please make sure to process refund and sale items separately. 
  • To set up deposits and refunds: create a product on Manager for the deposit and set up refund permissions. 
    1. Create a product on Manager that represents the item and deposit amount. 
    2. Activate the “Allow refunds” setting on the product from Manager.  By default, this setting is deactivated but can be turned on when creating or editing products. Please note that this setting is not available for  the following product types: discounts, service charges, choices, combos and modifiers. 
    3. Enable the “Allow user to refund deposits on items” user permission from Manager.  This means only users with this permission will be able to perform refunds. 
  • To process refunds on the POS: long-press the item to be refunded (while in Quick Service mode) or select the Refunds shortcut from the Order screen (while in Table Service mode). 


Bug fixes

  • We fixed some visibility and functionality issues that sometimes occurred while entering a user password or editing floors while in Dark Mode.
  • We fixed an issue while in Quick Service mode where the Pay button would sometimes become unresponsive after deleting items from the order. 


Lightspeed Payments

The following updates are for customers using Lightspeed Payments in the US:

  • Users cannot apply more than 11 times the amount as a tip on preauthorized payments.  This helps prevent situations where a user might accidentally add too large of a tip and the payment is declined.