What’s new in Lightspeed Restaurant’s POS app?


  • An item’s default designated course is now always printed on kitchen tickets unless edited via the Courses popup.
  • We’ve added a nifty little loading animation so you’ll now know when a payment is in the process of being voided.
  • Eh oui! We’ve continued to improve the quality and consistency of the French and Dutch translations.
  • Are you a hotel using PMS? To reduce the risk of discrepancies, you can no longer modify receipts that have been charged to a room. Trustworthy data for the win!

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue where auto-finalizing was not working properly for room payments with PMS.
  • We also fixed an issue where creating tabs in the Overview Panel would cause the app to occasionally crash.
  • We fixed an issue where printing receipts to images on your device would cause the app to close unexpectedly.
  • We fixed an issue with finalizing receipts that still had open choices. Because choices can be tough sometimes.

What’s new in Lightspeed Restaurant Manager?


  • The way the dates are formatted is now contingent on your location settings.
  • We added a new report setting that allows you to assign all product sales to the table owner, as opposed to the person who printed the individual order items.
  • The Printer Templates page now has the new look-and-feel.

NOTE: Some features require your LiteServer to be updated to version 6.2. This update will take place automatically. If you want to have your LiteServer updated sooner, please contact Support.