Integrations 2ACCEPT
  • Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)
  • The Lightspeed/2ACCEPT integration allows merchants in the vape, CBD, hemp and legal cannabis to enjoy the same features and benefits of the Lightspeed system that merchants in lower risk industries enjoy.
  • Our integration helps Lightspeed customers enjoy seamless credit and debit card processing options for regulated industries that are often required to be cash only.
  •  The Lightspeed/2ACCEPT integration affords merchants a competitive edge in a market that can be challenging to access.  We enable merchants to focus on growing their business while seamlessly connecting you to back end financial institutions that support your industry.  This shields you from potential costly account shutdowns.

“Businesses that use the Lightspeed/2ACCEPT integrated processing system see significant increases in average customer transactional spending.”

Extended description:

  • When using our integration, you will also have the opportunity to easily add additional forms of payment and ancillary systems such as ACH services, eCommerce transactions, and ATM services.  We are your one home for all forms of payment.
  • In this ever changing marketplace, adding the Lightspeed/2ACCEPT integration has never been more vital to your long term success in the regulated industry space.  In addition to payment processing, 2ACCEPT also has a background in FDA compliance and regulation.  From adding new and creative payment systems to consulting on FDA registration and submission, we are here to guide you through the hurdles of an emerging and exciting market.
Payment Provider -USA
Restaurant, Retail