A POS fit for your hardware store’s needs

Lightspeed takes on key management tasks so you can save time and continue getting closer to your business goals.

Get more out of your hardware store with a reliable POS

Our point of sale solution saves you time on inventory, sales and operations management so you can provide your customers with the best quality service.

Cloud-based POS

Take your store to the next level with a cloud-based POS

We know you’re always on the go. That’s why we made our point of sale solution portable. Manage your operations from any device, wherever you go and always keep tabs on how things are going at your store.

lightspeed hardware

Built-in work order features

Easily manage work orders

Create work orders, attach them to customers and track them from beginning to completion. Keep your customers on coming back to you by providing them with well organized and reliable services.

Reorder points

Manage your inventory and keep customers happy

Don’t lose sales because you’re out of an item a customer has asked for. Our automatic re-order point feature ensures you will never run out of popular item. As for those items that aren’t already in your inventory, our pre-loaded catalogs allow you to find the product and order it.


Increase sales in store and online

Go omnichannel and seamlessly integrate your brick-and-mortar and online shops. Don’t have an online shop yet? Lightspeed offers hundreds of beautiful and user-friendly web store templates as well as easy training so you can start ringing up sales online in no time.