Keep track of your performance with Pro Shop Reporting

Check on high-level reports or take a granular look at every aspect of your operation.

Make informed purchase decisions.

Check on inventory and stock counts and purchase based on your needs.

  • Generate asset reports to stay on top of your pro shop
  • Identify best selling products and worst performers and make better purchase decisions
  • Get notified when your stock falls below certain levels so you know when to reorder
  • Track product sales by customer and identify which customers purchase certain items

Manage staff effectively.

Check on your staff's performance and hours and make adjustments to fit your needs.

  • Track employee work hours with a digital clock-in, clock-out feature
  • Check on shift performance with time-based sales reporting
  • Monitor employee productivity with individual employee sales reports
  • Track activity and see which employee performed any action

End-of-day reports at your fingertips

You worked hard all day. Let your POS generate your end-of-day reports.

  • Check your daily performance at varying levels of granularity
  • Segment data by department, category or sub-category for easy analysis
  • Verify historical closure amounts and compare profitability over time
  • Make informed decisions and adjust your operations based on data

Learn everything you need to know about your facility.

With over 100 sales reports, you'll know the performance of every aspect of your facility.

  • Gain insights about every area of your business to make better decisions
  • Check on today's sales performance or sales trends over the past year
  • Customize your reports so you only see the information you need
  • Share information easily and get it to the people who need it to make decisions