The restaurant solution that fits your needs

However you run your restaurant, our POS can be tailored to your exact specifications.

Improve pace of play at your golf course

Lightspeed Order Ahead with QR code allows you to easily keep golfers on schedule by letting them preorder food and beverages in advance from anywhere on the course.

  • Display QR codes on golf carts, signs and scorecards to let players easily view your menu.
  • Have your golfers' food ready as they walk over to the 10th hole.
  • Improve your club's golfing experience and create loyal customers.
  • Easily manage the pace of play by letting golfers order in advance.

Let your restaurant POS follow you around.

Regardless of where you are at your facility, you can always have your restaurant POS with you.

  • An iPad-based POS means you can take it anywhere you want
  • Fully functional offline mode lets you continue working without an internet connection
  • Automatic syncs and backups when connected to internet so you never lose data
  • Full support for full service or quick service restaurant types

Fully featured robust restaurant POS.

Please customers and staff with a simple and easy to use restaurant POS.

  • Boost table turnover by taking orders and payments anywhere
  • Improve communication between front and back of the house and get meals out quicker
  • Customize and change floor plans in a matter of clicks
  • Split or group bills to your customers specification to make payment hassle free

Bring the tastes of your restaurant home.

Connect with delivery services so customers can enjoy your food from home.

  • Consolidate all major food delivery services directly into your POS
  • Let customers order ahead for delivery, takeout or curbside pickup.
  • Menu changes are automatically pushed to each delivery platform
  • Ticket printing in the kitchen increases efficiency and gets orders out quicker

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of device does the Lightspeed Restaurant POS run on?

Lightspeed Restaurant is iPad-based. This gives your serving staff an easy-to-use, mobile tool that allows them to effortlessly process orders from anywhere in your restaurant, whether they’re on the patio or in the clubhouse. Our system even allows you to function offline, so if your internet connexion isn't stable or even temporarily gone, you can keep working.

Can my golfers charge their meals and beverages directly to their house accounts?

Of course, the Lightspeed Restaurant POS is synched with your Tee Sheet! This allows your serving staff to access your customer database, view customer profiles, and charge restaurant bills directly on a player’s house account.

Can players build up a tab and pay at the end of the day?

You bet! Players can run tabs at any outlet of your golf course and settle up at the end of the day. You can even track and consolidate your members' expenses through their house accounts and bill them at the end of every month.

Can I access my restaurant back-end and reports via other devices besides the iPad?

You can access your POS on virtually any device. Having a cloud-based system allows you to access your POS from anywhere via your desktop or laptop. You'll have access to all your live data, as well as the ability to adjust the food and beverage menu items.

Can I adjust my floor plans at any time?

Easily adjust your floor plans on the fly directly on your iPad. You can set your tables any way you see fit and even create floor plans in advance for special events that will only appear on that given day, then disappear once it is over.