Norseman Distillery

Minneapolis, Minnesota

For those in the Minnesota area looking for great gin, rum or vodka, look no further than the Norseman Distillery, Minnesota’s premier distillery and cocktail room. Take a tour, learn about how the alcohol is produced and try some of their unique concoctions, from the harvest whiskey-based Harvest Old-Fashioned to the Premier, a sour drink with pineapple-chipotle gin, lemon juice and strawberry syrup.

Found in the home city of General Mills, Minneapolis, Norseman Distillery is located in a former flour manufacturing plant. Barely open a year, the venue has already been rated one of the top nine Instagrammed locations in the twin cities. This is largely down to its popularity with the 20-to-30-somethings professional crowd, who are avid social media users.

Before opening the doors to Norseman Distillery, beverage director Keith Mrotek needed to find a point of sale that would help him and his team manage the bar. Finding a POS to manage a floor space that holds 207 people, seats 75, and a terrace that opens in summer, was quite a challenge, until he discovered Lightspeed. “We needed help keeping track of the orders and then sending them down to the bar so that they could be prepared,” said Keith. Norseman Distillery’s large space and fast-paced environment placed particular importance on efficiency. “Because we have such a high capacity and people aren’t sitting down for three-course meals, efficiency and speed are of the utmost importance to us. We’re always looking for ways to save a half-second here or there.”

Getting started

Implementation was straightforward, essentially rendering the POS operational for both management and staff on day one. “Prior to setting it up, we were pretty clear on how we were going to use it and what we needed it for...our program consisted of 12 drinks, and we didn’t have many complicated workflows.”

Over the span of the first few weeks, with some assistance from Lightspeed’s tech support team, the team quickly got to grips with their new point of sale. They quickly learned that the system was going to bring them even more value than they initially expected. “The two aspects that I find the most useful are the labour reporting , clocking in and clocking well as daily and monthly sales...Most recently, being able to open tabs by swiping a card is something that has been really helpful.”

Looking forward, the distillery plans to introduce incentives for guests to stay longer. For instance, they plan to offer food options. “We’re always looking for greater sales, higher volume, bigger volumes….it would be our goal for this year to have an actual food component to the business.”

From taking table reservations, working with larger parties and hosting special events, Norseman Distillery is prepared to take their business to the next level, with Lightspeed by their side.