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Sunmed, Your CBD Store manages data from hundreds of franchises

Sunmed, Your CBD Store got its start in Florida in 2018, with one location dedicated to their proprietary line of premium CBD products. Today, they're America's largest brick and mortar CBD chain, with hundreds of franchise locations across the US. Recently, the franchise adopted Lightspeed as their POS provider and began working with its franchisees to migrate from various POS platforms including Square to better manage their complex operations.

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The challenge: scattered data across hundreds of franchise locations.

Sunmed, Your CBD Store was facing operational challenges. As America’s largest CBD retailer and a fast-growing franchise business, they need to continually understand changing consumer behavior and needs within an evolving regulatory environment across 48 states.

But without a centralized system powering their entire business, efficiency was a struggle. Franchises were operating on Square point of sale, which didn’t have the depth of functionality they needed. Headquarters didn’t have full visibility on data from every location, and couldn’t easily roll out updates to every franchise at once. That meant their processes were suffering.

The Sunmed team knew that they needed to take the pressure off their franchisees. Headquarters needed to manage the operational side of the business, while franchisees needed to focus on day-to-day retail.

Take customer education, for example—crucial in an industry still in its infancy. Not having clear customer and transactional data from every franchise was hindering their ability to engage with customers at a personal level.

“Before Lightspeed, we were not doing any consistent, centralized common messaging or email marketing. So we were not engaging with our customers in a consistent manner with a consistent message,” says Wilfredo Rodriguez, CFO for Sunmed, Your CBD Store.

Lightspeed has enabled us to capture more accurate customer master file data, which enables us to better understand customer needs. What we have seen with other solutions, specifically with Square, is that often we were seeing a lot of duplicate customer records in our stores. So at the same store, you would have the same customer with three or four different profiles.

Wilfredo Rodriguez, CFO, Sunmed, Your CBD Store

The solution: centralizing operations with Lightspeed at the heart of their tech stack.

“We wanted a product that was going to be stable and reliable and easy for our franchisees to use,” says Wilfredo. So they turned to Lightspeed.

It was like flipping a lightswitch. They went from having limited visibility into store performance and customer behavior at the corporate support center to having a complete picture of both in one place. Using Lightspeed’s open API and expert teams, they got to work building solutions tailored to their business.

With Lightspeed connecting them to transactional data from franchise locations, Sunmed is able to better understand customers’ needs and provide greater support to its franchisees—like crafting consistent customer messaging and supporting franchisees with store operational performance analyses.

“The day after they visit a store, they’re receiving the first email communication from us,” says Wilfredo. “And it’s so critical for us to have that detailed transactional data in order to be able to engage with the customers at a very individualized level.”

It’s paid off. Open rates and customer engagement are growing, fast. And because franchisees don’t have to sweat the operational details, they can focus on the experience in-store, helping to grow revenue.

How Lightspeed powers Sunmed, Your CBD Store

Setting franchisees up for success

It only takes half a day to train them on Lightspeed, so there's more time to focus on the deep product knowledge customers expect.

Slicing and dicing data from every store

The corporate support center can quickly analyze data at the store level and aggregate data across stores to identify regional or national trends

Tightening up the marketing funnel

Centralized data from Lightspeed is a foundational piece in new unified marketing initiatives across franchise locations.

Customizing the POS to their needs

With an open API and the Lightspeed team behind them, Sunmed, Your CBD Store is developing unique solutions for their business and its customers, like event-ready payment solutions.

"Lightspeed is an investment that's helping us grow, better meet the needs of our customers and franchisees, and generate more revenues."

Going forward, Sunmed plans to work with all its franchisees to migrate all stores to Lightspeed—it just makes sense. Using the open API and tools from Lightspeed, they plan to build customer loyalty and inventory management solutions that will enable the corporate support center to better support its franchisees.

“We will be in a position using the API to propose a purchase order for them, so they can just review it and approve it,” says Wilfredo. Lightspeed will enable optimized stock across locations, tailored to performance data, that franchisees can order with just a click. That means better sales and inventory management for the business as a whole.

It was important for us to find a system that could allow us to build around it, and a team that was willing to help us get, identify and implement those solutions. And that's what we found with Lightspeed.

Wilfredo Rodriguez, CFO, Sunmed, Your CBD Store

Sunmed, Your CBD Store is building a centralized tech stack for their franchise business with Lightspeed

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