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If you remember the immersive Van Gogh madness that took the world by storm in 2020, you know Lighthouse Immersive. The Toronto-based events company originated the immersive art exhibit trend that has spawned countless imitators. To open exhibits and sell merchandise at pop-up venues around the world, Lighthouse Immersive needs flexible technology that moves at the speed of light.

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Gift Shop

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Lightspeed Retail
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Multiple locations across North America

Lightspeed lets Lighthouse Immersive move quickly


Locations in North America


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7 seconds

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The challenge: as they took art shows on the road, Lighthouse Immersive needed one customizable POS that could keep up

Whenever Lighthouse Immersive launches an exhibition in a new city, they also open a retail store. Since 2020, they have led the craze for immersive art installations, opening shows and stores in over 20 locations across North America. With over 3900 unique SKUs and a staff of up to 40 people at each store, Lighthouse needed a POS that could handle that volume at scale. Crucially, the system needed to be simple to program and set up quickly at each location and intuitive for new employees as it kept gift shop lines moving.

That’s why Wendel Wray, the Global Retail Manager at Lighthouse Immersive, needed to replace the company’s previous POS with a solution that was more customizable and could handle multiple locations. For example, Lighthouse’s previous solution didn’t allow for tiered admin access. “So we had situations where somebody in San Francisco would accidentally be messing with the inventory in Chicago. And then we're dealing with the additional headache and staffing charges of having to have two different businesses now do full scale inventory counts.”

The solution: Lightspeed Retail gives Lighthouse Immersive more control

When Wray found Lightspeed, he was surprised to find one system that could do it all. “I honestly was a little bit skeptical with Lightspeed at first because I was like, this sounds too good to be true. It's very different than anything else that I'm seeing on the market right now.”

Once Wray implemented Lightspeed Retail, complete with Lightspeed Payments and Analytics, he could finally control every aspect of Lighthouse Immersive’s multilocation retail business with one platform. “Since we have been using Lightspeed, everything is all in one place for us, which has been great because we're able to get that bird's eye view on our inventory management, our sales, employee performance, everything. Having that detailed view is great because I can't be in 20 places at once, as much as I very much wish I could some days!”

Lightspeed can handle the complexity and speed of Lighthouse Immersive’s operations

Lightspeed Payments

“The move to wireless payment terminals has been incredible for us, and allows so much flexibility.”

Lightspeed Analytics

“It's super great to be able to customize all of our reports and compare and contrast. It makes it easy for us to quickly see those trends and get ahead of them, rather than spending hours and hours on spreadsheets.”

Multilocation management

“In my office is where I set everything up. We roll up to the venue, plug everything in, and we're good to go. I can get three registers set up in 25 minutes.”

The result: with increased efficiency, Lighthouse Immersive can now spend more time focusing on growth

With its advanced reporting tools, Lightspeed Retail gives Lighthouse Immersive the data they need to manage staff and inventory. “We save on staffing, we save on inventory management and loss prevention,” says Wray. “My favorite, favorite, favorite thing with Lightspeed is the event logs. Once you get the hang of it, it is so wonderful because I can always tell if something goes wrong, where we went wrong. I can see [if] this employee’s name is coming up pretty frequently, or I can see that this is an area of opportunity for this store. So then we hop on a call with that location. I am a firm believer that numbers don’t lie.”

Because the system is customizable, it’s also portable. “I can get payment terminals paired, activated, run a test transaction from my office, make sure that the gateway’s set up properly, make sure that everything is looking good,” says Wray. “So that when we get to the venue, all I'm doing is changing the Wi-Fi over and it's ready to go.”

That speed is imperative, because has plenty of exhibits in the works, including , a partnership with Disney Animation, and the company is going international, with exhibits opening soon in Japan, Singapore and Mexico. “We're saving time left, right and center, which I love,” says Wray. “I am all about the efficiencies.”

“Lightspeed helped us grow our revenue, primarily through the reporting, as well as our processing times at the register, because it allows us to have a seamless customer experience and guest journey.”

Wendel Wray, Global Retail Manager at Lighthouse Immersive

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