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Cycle Néron saves time and manages its massive inventory with Lightspeed

Since 1970, this family-owned business has shared its passion for cycling with the communities surrounding its shops in the Montreal Metropolitan Area.

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Bike shop

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Brossard, Lachine, Boucherville,
Saint-Lambert and
Nun's Island, Canada


Locations across the Montreal Metropolitan Area

+ 1,000

SKUs that are now accounted for with Lightspeed

8 hours

Saved each week at closing time

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SKUs on SKUs on SKUs

When asked about the exact number of SKUs in store, Mathieu Séguin, Sales associate at Cycle Néron, is clear: "We have a ton. We really have a lot."

He adds: "The problem is that there are so many variants, it just keeps adding more, more, and more. We have so many new products and new brands."

A bike mechanic repairs a bicycle.

A platform that simplifies everything

As soon as Cycle Néron adopted Lightspeed, inventory management was revolutionized: "Now, we can do spot checks, it's much easier. We go by category," says Mathieu. Inventory updates are done when products arrive, with established norms. "We have fewer inventory errors. You end up saving costs," he notes.

«We can have a methodology, now. Everything is entered properly, as it should be, on the first try. That, too, saves us time," adds Mathieu. According to him, inventory management before Lightspeed was "such a mess that we didn't even want to do it. Now, doing inventory, it's a breeze."

How Lightspeed powers Cycle Néron

Efficient management

Drafting work orders for the bike shop is much easier thanks to a pre-established task menu, which is easy to manage and to read, across all stores.

Shorter closing times

Staff now cash out and close up in a matter of minutes.

Fewer errors at checkout

Forget about managing checkout errors or reconciling a pile of papers with a daily sales list. When a customer pays for their order, all the information is in one place.

A tailored inventory management system

Cycle Néron worked with Lightspeed to customize the API and maximize the inventory system's functionality.

A staff member helps a client on a bike.

"It lets us move forward, be more efficient and above all, head in the right direction."

Mathieu Séguin, Sales Associate, Cycle Néron

Cycle Néron is on a roll

A bike on a rack in the shop area, in front of a wall of tools.

The switch to Lightspeed occurred shortly before one of Cycle Néron's biggest events: the annual mega sale, when only the Brossard store stays open and all the end-of-season stock is deeply discounted. The team was a little nervous. It was the first big day with Lightspeed.

Would the system perform?

That day, for the first time, Cycle Néron didn't have "long waiting lines, because our system was already more efficient," says Mathieu.

Cycle Néron manages its inventory and simplifies operations with Lightspeed

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