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CBD Kratom innovates across 62 locations with Lightspeed

Before CBD went mainstream, it was hard for people to find trustworthy wellness products in that space. That's why Founder and President David Palatnik opened the first CBD Kratom in Chicago in 2016. The retailer's focus on education and wellness resonated with customers and today they have 62 stores across the United States.

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Meet CBD Kratom, one of the first CBD stores in the world







The challenge: finding a POS system that can handle fast growth.

“Running a business with this many stores, it’s really different than running a business with just a few stores,” says David.

Scaling up to 62 locations meant new challenges in implementing the CBD Kratom vision and keeping everyone on the same page. David couldn’t afford any distractions, and that meant finding a stable POS system to serve as CBD Kratom’s foundation. Most systems were either unfit for a CBD store, not strong enough to power such a large business or both.

“We decided to go the route of building a custom POS,” says David. “It did a lot of the things we wanted it to do, but it was extremely burdensome to manage that.”

Building a custom POS system required CBD Kratom to split their focus between being a multi-location retailer and their own software company. David started looking for a solution that would take that burden off his team’s shoulders without compromising on function.

The solution: a POS system built for multi-location businesses.

“Lightspeed seemed like one of the only options that can do all of that,” says David. “It can manage multiple locations, can connect to our online site and help us further build the business.”

Lightspeed’s dedication to innovation and growth made the POS an ideal partner. According to David, Lightspeed felt like the first POS system built for a company of CBD Kratom’s size. “It was the first time I was like, this is something off the shelf that I can grab and it can do what I need it to do.”

With training from Lightspeed during onboarding, there was no downtime when switching.

“When we installed Lightspeed, all the feedback was this is great,” says David. “It was a much easier conversion than we thought it would be.”

I would highly recommend Lightspeed to anyone. You don't need to be a genius to use it. It's very simple to use, even though it does very, very complex things.

David Palatnik, President, CBD Kratom

How CBD Kratom grows with Lightspeed


Every stakeholder can easily see live reporting, thanks to the intuitive interface and saved reports. Checking on data is a natural part of running the business, keeping everyone focused on key metrics.


With data from Lightspeed, CBD Kratom can run far more effective promotions. For example, instead of running promotions on the top 20 selling items, they can run them on the top 20 income generating items, identified through Lightspeed.

Quick service

Once a customer is ready to pay, Lightspeed makes the process lightning fast. A CBD Kratom location is busy? No worries about lines. Employees can quickly log into an extra register and keep everything flowing.

Advanced Marketing

CBD Kratom takes their marketing to the next level with Advanced Marketing, which connects customer data and marketing efforts across sales channels.

The results: a renewed focus on innovation with Lightspeed.

Now that the CBD Kratom team doesn’t have to focus on maintaining their own POS system, they can put their energy into other areas of the business.

Using Lightspeed has opened up more effective workflows, like tracking data and managing reporting to optimize in-store offerings. They can manage the day-to-day sales, optimize their product offering, track data and plan for the future, knowing Lightspeed’s tools and teams have their backs.

“There will be new things coming out in retail in the next five years, and we want to have a partner like Lightspeed. They stay on top of those things and add those features to the company. I don’t want to need to build it myself,” says David.

I think [data from Lightspeed] is slowly but surely changing the company to to be more focused on those metrics that we want to achieve.

David Palatnik, President, CBD Kratom

CBD Kratom focuses on growth with Lightspeed

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