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Lightspeed Payments Launches in the US

Lightspeed Payments Launches in the US

Fresh off the heels of Lightspeed Loyalty’s release, we have another exciting launch for our US customers.

Until today, if you wanted to sell in your store (or online), you had to find a point of sale provider (or eCommerce platform) and a payment provider. Integrated to your POS or not, your payment processor remained a third-party account, and that came with its own set of challenges, like…

  • Determining which company is responsible for which aspect of technical support
  • Wasting time switching back-and-forth between your POS to process sales, and your payment processor’s platform to get insight into those sales.
  • And don’t get us started on reconciliation at the end of each day 

Despite Lightspeed making that connection between the POS and your payment processor as easy as possible, there are certain things that just can’t be streamlined the way it could if one company were to offer both services.


Enter, Lightspeed Payments.


We built it, tested it, got feedback, went back to the drawing board, tweaked it, improved it, and now, it’s go time!


We are excited to announce that all our US-based customers can now experience the benefits of an all-in-one payments and POS solution.

Note: We’re starting with the States, but don’t worry, other regions will follow.


This means you can now rely on one single provider for everything you need to run your business – Lightspeed. On top of saving you time, both at customer-checkout and with technical support, it also means you only have one account to open and manage.

But that’s not all.

Get the fully-loaded Verifone MX915 terminal | Lightspeed Payments | Lightspeed POS

1. No hidden fees, ever

Seriously, none. We dislike them just as much as you do.

We charge 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction (2.9% + $0.30 card not present) no matter what card your customers choose to use (even AMEX)… that’s it. You’ll always know what to expect.


2. Security is our top priority

We’ve got you covered with built-in PCI compliance, active global fraud prevention, and end-to-end secure data encryption for all transactions, all at no extra cost.

We’re like bodyguards for your revenue. Safety first!


3. Setup is instant

Lightspeed Payments is an integral part of Lightspeed POS, so all you have to do is flip the switch. We even carry all the hardware you need.

Say goodbye to having to coordinate between two different companies to get set up and transactional.


4. Every report you need is already inside your POS

Process transactions, pull reports and view settlements in a matter of seconds. Your deposits and batches are tracked in real-time, which makes reconciliation fast and easy.

For more information, or to start processing payments with Lightspeed, please contact our sales team.

Happy selling!


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