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Lightspeed at JMSB's Jeux du Commerce 2018

Lightspeed at JMSB's Jeux du Commerce 2018

Ever heard of les Jeux du Commerce? It is the largest university competition in Eastern Canada: a 3-day event that gathers several universities for academic cases, and sports & social competitions. The event gives over 1,300 students a chance to stand out and provides them with an overview of the discipline they’re passionate about.

The 30th edition of les Jeux du Commerce was organized by a John Molson School of Business committee in Montreal. “Audacity” was this year’s chosen theme and was meant to highlight the city of Montreal; its companies, its artists and its entrepreneurs.


“We are raising the bar in terms of what we want to accomplish, and we’ve been in that mindset from the beginning”, explained David Lafrenière, President of the JDC committee. “We’re encouraging teams to strive for excellence, to innovate and be audacious.”


JDC 2018 committee


With a total budget of $600,000, the team of 14 student-volunteers spent two years organizing this event. During the competition, participants had three hours to solve a business problem and were then given 20 minutes to present their solution to the judges. Prior to this competition, these students spent 5 to 9 months preparing and will receive university credits for their participation, given the significant commitment these games require.

As a proud partner of this edition, Lightspeed had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the next generation of the business community. As a growing Montreal company, this event was foremost our way to encourage healthy competition and excellence among these talented participants. We also took advantage of our presence at the games to distribute several items, including bags and t-shirts, while discussing employment opportunities with the leaders of tomorrow.


Lightspeed at JDC 2018


Congratulations to the participants and the universities who have reached the podium: JMSB, HEC Montréal, and FSA ULaval!


Pictures by ©Photo Voltaic.

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