9 reasons why a mobile POS is better for your restaurant

9 reasons why a mobile POS is better for your restaurant

People are excited about mobile technology in restaurants. It looks cool, it’s more efficient, and in some cases, it leads to a higher average check. The National Restaurant Association is calling mobile the hottest technology trend of 2015, with 29 percent surveyed saying they’ll be adopting tablet computers in their restaurants.

But for all the hype around mobile, there’s a lot of confusion about what it actually is. Most people associate mobile POS with portable units that let you place orders tableside. But mobile is more — much more — than just portable units.

The key is how the system uses something called “the cloud” — with cloud, everything is done on the Internet, on a website, instead of a computer or server. With a cloudbased POS, you have true mobility. Managers and staff do everything — and we mean everything — on mobile devices connected to the Internet, including menu setup, workflow setup, descriptions, taking orders, sending orders and managing floor plans.

There are many, many benefits to a cloud-based mobile restaurant POS. Here are nine of the most important ones.

– Chop your infrastructure costs
– Less clutter, more coverage and reliability
– Increase order efficiency and payment speed
– Change menus quickly and easily
– It grows along with you
– Ensure stellar customer service
– Manage floor plans with a few swipes
– Maintain oversight
– Get up and running in a matter of hours

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