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Vape Shops: The Fast-Spreading Trend Where Service is Key

Vape Shops: The Fast-Spreading Trend Where Service is Key

It’s hard to miss them these days. “E-cigs” or “vaporizers” are everywhere. “E-juice”, a new alternative to tobacco, is quickly becoming a popular product for those who want to quit smoking, and among hobbyists who have become vaping aficionados. The trend has incited an explosion of new retail businesses. Vape shops – stores that sell e-juice and vaporizers – have been mushrooming all over the world in mere months.

In the U.S, e-cigarette sales are expected to top upwards of $1 billion dollars. While business is booming, new vape shops will have to face some form of government regulation or even bans in the near future. Despite still looming laws, virtual and physical stores keep opening, but brick-and-mortar outlets offer service that online competitors just can’t beat.

“Our store is unique because of the quality and exclusivity of our products, as well as the service we provide,” says co-owner of G2K Vape, Mario Tenuta. “Some stores just push the sale, but we’re here to help people stop smoking. We act like consultants more than just sales people.”

So what does it take to run a successful new vape shop? According to Tenuta, a beautiful store and very attentive service are key. At G2K Vape, the juices and vaporizer equipment are high-quality, and are neatly displayed in the same way you would expect watches or fine jewelry to be. “I’ve seen some vape shops that feel like you’re walking into a truck stop. We wanted a trustworthy and ‘homey’ feeling here, so we made sure the décor is modern and classy,” says Tenuta.

Whether or not e-juice is healthier than tobacco in the long-term is still up for review, but there’s no denying that demand is growing, and entrepreneurs are responding. “We have customers coming in telling us they haven’t touched a single cigarette since vaping for 2 months. Eventually, we want to get them upgraded to a juice that contains little or no nicotine,” he explains.

More and more vape shops are expected to open, and G2K Vape is poised to introduce their third location in a few months – less than a year since opening their first. LightSpeed Cloud is part of their rapid expansion strategy because of its ease of use. “We don’t want to waste too much time setting up a POS. LightSpeed got us up and running right away which allowed us to do what we do best – connect with the vape community to help people quit smoking.”

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