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How The Brande Group is Using Retail for Good

How The Brande Group is Using Retail for Good

Not far from the old rag district of Montreal, a few steps from Namur station, lies one of The Brande Group’s warehouse stores. Step inside, and you’ll find clothes for every season, men and women and kids alike.

All of it is stylish and high-quality, and, according to Founder and President of The Brande Group Tyan Parent, approximately 80% of it sourced from impressive Canadian designers. 

What you won’t find? High prices.

Everything The Brande Group carries is offered at an affordable price point, a side effect of how they source their inventory. When high-end brands have too much stock on hand, they turn to The Brande Group to handle it—and because The Brande Group is so focused on a wide selection and a premium experience, those brands don’t risk damaging their reputations like other liquidators might. 

As Tyan says, “What sets us apart at the Brande Group is definitely the product offering and the prices.”

That’s not the only thing that sets them apart, though. The Brande Group displays a deep dedication to their home city. From newcomers to Montreal to disadvantaged women to the local business community, they’re in the business of making things better for everyone. 

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At home in a changing multicultural neighborhood

“It’s clear, on a daily basis, that we’re lucky to be located where we are in Montreal,” explains Tyan. One of their flagship locations is based in Côte-des-Neiges, a growing neighborhood with a large immigrant and student population. Over 100 different ethnicities call the streets around the store home.  

As a result of where they’re situated, many of The Brande Group’s customers are discovering Montreal’s winter for the first time, in all its joys and difficulties. Montreal is the snowiest major city in North America, regularly receiving 89 inches of the stuff over winter with freezing temperatures to match. 

Even newcomers used to mild winters need better equipment to face the winds and frost. And so many turn to the Brande Group, at first for clothing, but then, as they get to know the friendly staff, for information: how to find their way around the city, how to find an apartment, good local restaurants and more. 

From friendly advice to community support

It’s no surprise The Brande Group’s employees are happy to help. Supporting the community runs through The Brande Group’s DNA, all the way to the top.

“We do business with a foundation called Operation Shoebox (The Shoebox Project),” says Tyan. “We’ve been doing business with them for four years now. It’s a foundation that helps women in difficult situations and in very difficult family situations.”

Over the past year, the Brande Group has been collecting donations of gently used clothing, which are then resold in a special part of the warehouse. The prices are very affordable—they vary between $2 and $10—and customers love the initiative. All profits go directly to Operation Shoebox. 

“I am very proud to say that we have accumulated $13,000 so far, which we will be able to give back to them,” adds Tyan.

Connecting the business community

The Brande Group is dedicated to championing their community, and that also means giving other businesses a leg up. Guillaume de Laplante, Retail Buyer and Planner for The Brande Group, says The Brande Group is proud to share its experience and its enormous store with local artisans.

A few years ago, they introduced an in-store consignment sales model to encourage local businesses that otherwise only sold online. As Guillaume explains, “There are plenty of these companies that don’t have buyers on site, [so] we asked Quebec companies that only sell on the web if they wanted to be partners with us.”

These companies could thus sell their products in stores, which allowed them to have additional income. “Then, for us, it made customers smile to have one more option.”

For artisans, it’s encouraging to see their efforts on the shelves. “People can come and see their products in our stores. They are very proud. We help each other. I think it’s appreciated on both sides.”

From local neighborhoods to thriving metropolitan cities, Lightspeed’s mission is to create strong, vibrant and diverse shopping streets everywhere. The Brande Group is a shining example—a leader dedicated to helping the community thrive.

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