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Retail Synergy : Online and In-Store

Retail Synergy : Online and In-Store

As an independent retailer, how do you make your mark and create a lasting impression? Opening an independent business can go one of two ways, a success or a failure. Having a proper understanding of the business side of retail along with fearless marketing initiatives will have a positive outcome for years to come. With so many retailers paving the way, here are our top recommendations to apply to your retail plan:

In-Store Retail

Think outside the box. With millions of retailers to compete with, you absolutely need to stand out of the crowd. Who are your shoppers and what extras you can offer to keep them coming back for more?

I can do anything better than you. Find out what your direct competitors are doing and do it better!

Beat out large retailers by carrying products they don’t. Buying from vendors that don’t usually produce in large quantities is your window to offering something they simply can’t.

Be creative. From the style of music you play to what you’re displaying on the walls of your retail store – it’s all in the small details to creating the ultimate shopping experience.

Create profitable partnerships. Align your vision with other businesses and attract shoppers from both spectrums. This will improve your visibility while providing you with a more flexible budget. Partnering up with local charities and/or events is also a great way to be part of your cities growing community giving you more exposure.

Online Retail

Complement each other. Your online branding should match your in store atmosphere. Whether you decide to drastically change the theme or layout, the most important aspect of creating an online presence is clear and concise information, responsive web design and of course viral content. Make sure users walk away from your website understanding the connection between both in-store and online experiences.

Anytime, anywhere.  Having an online presence means your store is open 24 hours. If you can’t offer shoppers immediate service (i.e. ordering and browsing online), they will look elsewhere.

Saving time. What you offer online should be linked with your stock in-store. To prevent confusion and a possible retail meltdown, make sure your online inventory is synched with your in-store products.

Like, share, tweet and repeat. Having a strong social media presence will not only keep your shoppers engaged but also well-informed. Are you having a summer blow out sale? Post it online – they are more likely to find out through social media than through an in-store flyer. Your in-store strategy should always include social sharing.

The full digital retail experience. With technology changing so much from one day to to the next , some retailers have even included digital kiosks to the mix. This allows them to showcase items that may not be displayed on the floor. And if a digital kiosk is a bit out of your price range, having iPads available throughout your store will have a similar effect.

Apply these principles when planning your next retail move. To read more about how to succeed in the retail market, read our white paper 8 Secrets to Steal from the World’s Most Innovative Retailers here.

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