Omnichannel defined:

Implications for the modern-day retailer

Omnichannel defined:Implications for the modern-day retailer

Omnichannel — the term once coined the future of retail is now a reality retailers must face in order to keep up with evolving consumer expectations and continue to grow their bottom line.
The modern-day shopper is no longer committed to a single sales channel, and this expectation now extends beyond multi-channel selling capabilities. There are now a variety of paths to purchase, but it’s the combinations of these paths that have become so critical to the success and longevity of today’s retailers.
No longer can omnichannel retailing be deemed a “trend of the future”. The shift has happened, the omnichannel revolution is here, and the time to adapt is now.


What is omnichannel:

In the context of retail, “omnichannel” has come to define a sales method that fosters a flexible and consistent customer journey — one that transcends all sales mediums. Today’s consumers spend the majority of their time online, and are therefore constantly engaged with several different mediums, allowing them to cover diverse ground on their path to purchase. There are those who choose to browse from their mobile device, buy online from their laptop, then pick up their purchase in store. Others prefer to browse in store then buy online, and have their item shipped directly to them.

What is omnichannel retailing:

Omnichannel retailing implies the removal of barriers that stand in the way of a seamless flow between sales channels. It requires that retailers invest in creating an experience that is inclusive and continuous; one that spans multiple mediums, scenarios and devices. An omnichannel approach is what fuses brick-and-mortar businesses to their online counterparts, causing them to become a single entity, offering one consistent experience. It helps retailers reach more customers, better accommodate their needs, and ultimately allows them to become more profitable.

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