Develop an automated pricing strategy with Dynamic Pricing

Get a revenue management tool that increases or decreases rates using custom variables. Our dynamic pricing will increase rounds and maximize your top line.

Worry-free revenue generation.

Set your pricing rules and then sit back and let the automation do the work for you. Ensure your golfers are charged the right amount, every time.

  • Set it and forget it, with a completely automated system that saves you time and money
  • Easily build decision trees that automatically change prices based on predetermined criteria
  • Alter any part of your system to make it work better for you

Simple and efficient.

Built with the user in mind, Dynamic Pricing is intuitive and walks you through every step of the way.

  • No third-party software required; Dynamic Pricing is included in all software packages
  • Set up a completely automated pricing strategy in minutes
  • Reduce lost revenue by discounting unpopular tee times and turning them into the most sought-after time slots

Customized to fit your exact needs.

Make sure your pricing strategy meets your requirements and optimize it over time as you gain insights on performance.

  • Encourage players to book in advance by giving discounts for early bookings
  • Vary the price of your tee times based on the volume of demand
  • Make mid-day weekday tee times your busiest with attractive pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the featured fully automated?

Yes, the Dynamic Pricing feature is fully automated. Once you set your decision tree, the pricing of your tee times will automatically change based on the parameters you set.

Can I have it set up for the entire year?

You can set the Dynamic Pricing for as long in advance as you'd like. Easily change the pricing tree at any moment or apply a completely different pricing tree if need be.

Is Dynamic Pricing a discounting tool?

No, it isn't—Dynamic Pricing parameters are set by you. This tool is built to help you maximize your revenue for every tee time you have. While you can use Dynamic Pricing to set discounts that encourage players to book at earlier or quieter times, you can also use it to automatically increase rates during high-demand periods.

Can I set different pricing strategies for different player types?

Certainly! You can include as many player types as you wish in the same dynamic pricing tree, or have a unique tree for each player type.